How to Set Up Automatic Form Reminders

How to set up automatic reminders so your employees never forget to complete a form

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If you are struggling with compliance and your employees forget to complete forms, we've got you covered! You can set up automatic push notifications to remind your employees to complete a form.

In this article we will go over:

Pro Tip! Not familiar with the forms feature yet, check out our article on Forms.

Setting Up a Weekly or a Monthly Reminder to a Form

Enter the form you would like to add a reminder to and access the form settings.

Then select the reminders tab on the left side bar, and choose weekly or monthly reminders.

  • Weekly reminders: Send weekly push reminders. Simply choose which days you'd like to remind your employees and set up the time, then select confirm. Note that your selected days will appear in blue - on these days the reminder will be send.

  • Monthly reminders: Will send a reminder once a month on your selected day and time.

Please note: The first reminder checkbox has to be marked in order for the reminder to be sent. Users that did submit an entry will not receive a reminder.
The second reminder is optional, and when set up will be sent only to employees that did not submit an entry after receiving the first reminder.

Setting up a one-time reminder to a form

You can add an additional reminder to the weekly/monthly reminder or set the one-time reminder as your only reminder to the form. This reminder will be sent to users that did not submit an entry to the form by the selected date.

How Do Reminders Appear for My Users?

Employees will receive an automatic push notification according to your settings. Once they click the notification, they will be automatically directed to the Form.

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*Form automatic reminders are available from the Operations Hub Advanced Plan*

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