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How Can I Remind Employees to Fill Out a Form?
How Can I Remind Employees to Fill Out a Form?
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As an admin, you have a few ways to remind your employees to fill out a published form:

1. Automatic Form Reminders:
You can set up automatic push notifications to remind your employees to complete a Form. This could be set up as a weekly, monthly, or one-time reminder.

To set up a reminder - enter the form you would like to add a reminder to, click on Options, and then click on Settings.

Navigate to the Reminders tab. Here, you can choose to activate recurring reminders or a one time reminder:

A. Recurring reminders: Choose the frequency of the reminder - Weekly or Monthly. Then, choose the days that the reminder will be active (when marked in blue, the reminder on this day will be active). You can also choose to send a reminder automatically if the user did not fill out the form until a certain hour.

B. One time reminder: Set a one time reminder on a specific date and time

2. Send a reminder using Quick Actions:

You can remind only one user to fill out the form using a Quick Action button. To do that, choose one user and click on the blue Actions button. There, you can choose between the options:

  • Notify (the user will get a notification through the platform)

  • Send a chat message

  • Create a task for the user to complete.

3. Remind several users at once using Bulk Actions

You can use Bulk Actions to remind a few employees to fill out a Form. In this option, you can also create a team chat with selected users to quickly communicate with them.

💡 Tip: Use the filter option to see only the users who did not submit a Form. To set up the filter, choose "Status" + "is" + "didn't submit". See below how to set it up.

Take a look at the demonstration below to see how it works:

*Reminder options are available from the Advanced Operation Plan*

*Bulk options are available from the Advanced Operation Plan*

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