How to Add Users to Connecteam

Learn how to add users to the platform from the dashboard

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One of the first steps of implementing Connecteam in your business is adding users to the platform. And as a flexible all-in-one company app, there are multiple ways to add users to Connecteam's platform, you can add new users from the admin tab on your app, you can import users, or add them from the dashboard. In this article, we'll go over how to add users from the dashboard!

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How to Add New Users to Connecteam

To begin adding Users, go to the User's tab and click on "Add Users", and fill in the three required fields: First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone. Make sure to fill in the relevant country code before adding the number.

Adding fields on the invite page and Inviting Users

If the three required fields are not enough, and you want to add more information when adding your users you can do so! Simply Add the Users as done above and choose the additional fields that will automatically appear when adding users by clicking on the window tab and selecting the fields. If you want users to receive an invitation to download the app after being added then be sure to Click on the Send Invite button. This will send users an invite link via emails and text messages, if you wish to send the invite link later, then uncheck that button and this option will be available later from the overview page.

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Adding Required Fields

You can Mark a field as a required field when adding new users, to make sure you don't miss any important information that needs to be added to the user's profile. A required field will be tagged with a red star.

To set a field as required Go to the user's tab, click on "Users Details" and select the relevant fields you wish to edit. Then make sure the required field box is checked. It's as simple as that. Once it's done, it will appear on the screen when adding users as a required field.

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