The Power of Job Scheduling

Learn about the advantages of using Connecteam’s Job scheduling

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The scheduling eases your day-to-day and narrows the gap between you and your team, so everything could run smoothly. From planning to dispatching and eventually to executing and completing shifts. A powerful tool for you and your team, the job schedule makes the full experience of planning, dispatching, and executing shifts or jobs easier and simpler for all: The dispatcher/planner, the frontline employee, and the manager that oversees the execution

The Scheduler provides you with four key advantages:

  1. Simple effortless planning: With the schedule, you can effortlessly plan and assign team members to shifts, service calls, or expected jobs.

  2. Quick distribution and information sharing: The schedule makes it easy to distribute the information to your team members, making all the information they need available for them in an instant: shift’s date and time, location, customer details, special instructions, and more.

    Screenshot of accept/reject feature for shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler on the mobile app

  3. Keeping the team ever informed with updates and notifications: With the job scheduling your team is always up-to-date, if anything changes they will be notified, and before a shift starts they will be reminded, making everything more efficient and deliberate and reducing the change for errors or misunderstandings.

    Screenshot of notification for changes made to shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler

  4. A simple way to oversee execution: The job scheduler makes it easy for your team members to report in real-time, from the field when they have started or ended a shift, include shift-related notes, and provide you with an overarching view of what happens on the field in real-time.

To learn more about how to work with Connecteam’s job scheduler, we invite you to explore this article - 'Your Guide To Job Scheduling'.

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