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The Operations Hub

Learn about Connecteam's operation hub and its capabilities

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The operation hub is one of the three hubs that Connecteam offers with the purpose of simplifying, digitizing, and overseeing your daily operations flawlessly.

This article will present the features located in the operations hub and take you one step closer to digitizing and automating your daily operations.

The features that are located in the operations hub are:

  1. Time clock

  2. Job scheduler

  3. Forms

  4. Quick tasks

Let's go over each feature and some of their highlights:

Time Clock

The Time Clock was designed to allow you to easily track the work hours of your team and to make payroll a breeze!

For employees:

With just a few clicks, employees can clock in and out from their mobile device or desktop and easily document relevant information such as the project they worked on, the equipment used, or the mileage spent while on the job/shift.

For managers:

You can easily see what’s going on with your employees on a daily basis, communicate with your employees, edit their timesheets and when ready, export the information for payroll.

Feature highlights:

  • Geolocation will allow you to see your employees’ location when clocking in and out and Geofencing will ensure that your employees are always clocking in on-site.

  • Breadcrumbs: Whether your employees are out on patrol, delivering a package, or moving between locations, Connecteam's Breadcrumbs capability allows you to track your employees on the go! The location is also documented and accessible later on if you need it.

  • You can Customize Your Time Clock to use it as a digital time-tracking solution or as a regular timesheet. Also, you can choose whether requests need to be approved or not.

  • Set up Payroll Reminders to remind your employees and managers to review their timesheets and timesheet requests.

  • Breaks - Connecteam supports both paid and unpaid breaks! Your unpaid breaks can be automatically deducted after a set amount of work hours.

  • You can record Employee Absences.

  • Limitations will help you ensure that employees are only clocked in during work hours.

  • Payroll integrations: Connecteam’s time clock reports can be exported and imported to any payroll software including direct integration with Quickbooks online

    And so much more 🤩

Job scheduler

A job scheduler is a powerful tool for you and your team, which makes the full experience of planning, dispatching, and executing shifts or jobs easier and simpler for everyone: the dispatcher/planner, the frontline employee, and the manager that oversees execution.

It only takes minutes to create an entire week's worth of shifts!

Feature highlights:

Shift and weekly templates will allow you to schedule quickly and easily.

Bulk action editing will provide you with the capability to edit multiple shifts at once from directly inside the schedule, saving you time and effort when creating a weekly schedule!

Easy communication with the entire shift as easy communication with employees currently on the shift is key for the success of your daily operations!

Quick actions: the schedule is filled with quick actions to make your life as easy as possible as we know how hard scheduling a team can be!

Limitations and Conflicts: as a manager, you can set specific limitations both for users and for the entire schedule with the click of a button.

Whether you are a small or large company, setting schedule limitations is vital for your business to ensure the following:

  • Users can't reject or unclaim a shift too close to the start of a shift.

  • You are aware of when users are scheduled in overtime.

  • You are aware that users have too many shifts per day or week.

And so much more 🤩


Forms allow your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, all from their mobile app. Gone are the days of filling out paperwork using pen and paper and storing them in the file cabinet.

Using Forms will improve compliance, standardize operational procedures for your employees, and move your business forward. With Connecteam's Forms, everything is digitized and accessible on the go.

Importantly, Forms do not only allow you to gather important information from your users. They can also assist you with the following:

  • Information gathering

  • Information analysis and feedback

  • Overseeing execution

Feature highlights:

Bulk actions will allow you to easily download Form entries as multiple PDFs (or as one single PDF), download just the Form related attachments, or delete multiple Form entries.

• Live communication will allow you to have real-time interaction with your employees regarding their submissions.• Form submission approval process that will allow you to approve or decline any employee submission that has been submitted wrongly.

Automated employee reminders, making sure employees are reminded to fill out their daily, weekly, or monthly form.

Share the form submission automatically with any internal or external personnel of your choice at any time.

Automated form reports are Connecteam’s ‘cruise control’ - it's our way to keep you in the loop with no effort from your end. You can set up a frequency, and target audience, and choose what will be included in the report so that you’re saving yourself a ton of time and effort.

For example, every 1st day of the month, send me a summary report of all the safety incidents reports marked as high-risk.

And so much more 🤩

Quick tasks

The ability to delegate tasks in an organization drove us to create the Quick Task feature. A simple and intuitive feature that will allow you to assign tasks to specific users at any time from anywhere while overseeing their execution.

Never before has running an entire organization's day-to-day with a one-off or repeating tasks been so easy!

Feature highlights:

Employee reminders: set automated or manual reminders, reminding employees to complete their assigned tasks. Running your daily operations has never been easier!

Recurring tasks: if you have tasks that reoccur, the recurring task option will do the job! You can create a series of tasks to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, and decide when to end the series of those tasks.

Task tags: tags are a simple and quick way to classify your tasks for filtering purposes which can be used by both the task creator and assignee. Tags can also be used by the task creator for execution oversight purposes.

Customized mobile permission: with our unique customized settings you can set special permissions and decide who is able to create and assign tasks to others through the mobile application.

And so much more 🤩

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