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Use the notify button to improve delivery and open rates of your features by sending assigned mobile users a custom notification. Custom notifications are available for every asset in the Skills section, as well as Forms, Events, and Updates. Custom notifications are available for content previously created, and published, and for new content as well.

In this article we will go over:

When should I use the notify button?

If you published a task or a form and some of the users haven't completed the task, or haven't viewed an update you posted, or haven't submitted a form you requested from them, simply notify them to remind them to quickly complete it.

How to create notifications for previously published content

Once the content is created you can send a notification using the notify button. Access any individual survey, Form, Library, courses feature, quiz, suggestion box, event, or update and scroll down to find a table with the list of mobile users assigned to that content.

  1. Access the relevant feature and asset, in the example below we can see an example of the Form feature

  2. Click on the asset, scroll down to the Users list and select the users you wish to notify

  3. The actions button will pop up, select "Notify"

  4. Customize the notification

  5. Click on "Confirm and Send"

How to Customize the push notification

Once you click on the Notify button, the next window will appear and you can either use the written notification that can be sent automatically. Or, you can adjust it to your needs and customize the notification.

What does the notification look like from the user's point of view?

The user will receive a push notification to their phone with the notification that you customized for them. Make sure that all users allow push notifications on their phone settings.

How to create notifications for new features and content

When you create new Assets and assign them, you have the option to write a custom notification. The example below demonstrates how to do so for a new Update

If you would like to send a push notification, later on, keep the notify employees via push notification box unchecked. You will be able to send a push notification using the notify button whenever you decide to do so.

Custom notifications are unlimited and available for all Connecteam plans. Enjoy!

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