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I Need to Remove a User From a Smart Group. How Do I Edit the Smart Group?
I Need to Remove a User From a Smart Group. How Do I Edit the Smart Group?
Remove users from smart groups
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Smart groups are created by setting a rule which automatically filters employees who match the rule into a group. The fields which can be used to set the rule are known as custom fields and can be found and adjusted in your user's profile.

Let's go over how to remove users from a smart group step by step.

Step 1: Navigate to the smart group tab and enter the smart group that you want to remove the user from. Check how the group is filtered.

In our example, I am trying to remove Ryan Hunt from the New York Branch. You can see below that our New York Smart Group is filtered by Branch is New York.

Step 2: Navigate to the Users tab, and enter the profile of the user who you want to be removed from the smart group. Find the relevant custom field, and adjust the information.

Below you can see that I went to Ryan's profile, to the custom field branch, and changed it from New York to San Francisco.

Thats it! The user will no longer be in that smart group! Below you can see a before and after of the group and Marcus's user profile settings and the list of users in our New York smart group.

Ryans Profile Before and After:

New York Smart Group employees before and changing Ryan's Branch Custom Field.



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