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FAQ and Troubleshooting
FAQ and Troubleshooting

A curated list of the most FAQ from Connecteam's customers.

What are Shortcuts?
How to Deactivate Features

Troubleshooting: My users can't clock in! Why could that be?
Troubleshooting: My Employee Cannot See the Time Clock
Where Are My Employees? Check Your Map!
Can I Add and Edit Shifts from the Dashboard?
Breadcrumbs FAQ for Managers
Is the Employee's Geolocation Captured Each Time They Switch Jobs?
Will Users Still be able to Fill Out Required Shift Attachments when Switching Jobs?
How do 'Switch Jobs' Work with Our Geofences?
What if a User Forgot to Switch Jobs?
My App Drains a Lot of Data and the Battery
How are Breadcrumbs Different From Geo-fences?
How Can I Navigate the Breadcrumbs Map View More Effectively?
Do Breadcrumbs Track Employees Only When Clocked In?
What Might Be the Reason I See a Straight Line With No Pin Locations?
Gusto Troubleshooting: I Can't Export Timesheets or My Timesheets Are Exported Incorrectly
Gusto Troubleshooting: I Can't Match My Employees
Quickbooks Online Troubleshooting: I Can't Match Users
Quickbooks Online Troubleshooting: I Can't Export Timesheets or My Timesheets Are Exported Incorrectly
Why Do Employees Need to Set Their Connecteam Location Services to ‘Always’ Instead of ‘While Using the App’ When Breadcrumbs Are Enabled?
Can Employees Track Time for Jobs That Are Not Scheduled?
What if an Employee Has No Cell Service or Their Phone is Shut Off While Clocked In?
Does the Daily Limit I Set Include Unpaid Breaks?
Why Does My Employee’s iPhone Say, “Connecteam Has Been Using My Location in the Background”?
Can I Prevent Employees From Forgetting to Clock Out?
How to Use Breaks as a User
Time Clock Troubleshooting: Wrong Payroll Cycle Displayed on Timesheets
What happens if an employee turns off location services while they’re clocked in?
Is There a Way to Prevent an Employee From Clocking in Before Their Shift?
Is There a Way For Me to Turn Off the App and Have Employees Only Log In and Out With Their Computers?
We Want Our Employees to Clock in and Out From Different Jobs. Can They Do That?
How Can I Know When an Employee Has Been Auto-Clocked or Exceeded Their Daily Limit?
Can Employees Change Their Clock In Location With a Third-Party App?
Can Automatic Breaks Be Customized Per Employee?
How can I shut off the Time Clock so my employees can't use it?
Can I Update Employee Pay Rates In Bulk?
Can I Get a Report on Late Clock-in?
How Can I Disable Auto Clock Out?
Pay Rates Frequently Asked Questions
What Payroll Integrations Does Connecteam Offer?
How to Track Employee's Mileage?
How Can Employees Download and Print Their Timesheets?
What Happens If an Employee Needs to Work on a Day That I Did Not Mark as a Working Day?
Is it Possible to Filter for a Specific Job in the Timesheets Tab and Export it to a Shift Report PDF?
Can I Receive a Summary of the Time Worked by Employees for One Specific Job
How Admins Can Clock In on Behalf of Their Employees
FAQ: Users Can't Clock In Because of Locked Timesheets
Once the Job is Completed, Can I Confirm that a Payment Was Received?
Can I Prevent Employees From Editing Their Timesheets?
My Employees Work Across Different Timezones, Will the Clock-In Limitations By Day Work?
Troubleshooting: Errors in Timesheet Approval
Can Certain Employees Be Excluded From Geofencing and Clock In From Anywhere?
Can I prevent an employee from clocking out from outside the geofence?

How Do I Copy Shifts?
Can I Export My Team's Schedule?
Job Schedule: What Happens to a User's Shifts When I Archive or Delete Them
Calendar App Sync FAQs For Managers
My Users Didn’t Mark their Preferred Work Hours or their Unavailability - What Does This Mean?
Can I Let Users Mark their Unavailability But Not their Preferred Work Hours?
Can I Mark Preferred Working Hours on Behalf of My Users?
If an Admin Creates a Repeating Open Shift, Once a User Claims the Shift and It's Approved, Should the Shift Become a Regular Shift (and not repeating)?
An Admin Who Has Admin Permission to Only One Smart Group (Not the All Users Groups) Clicks on "Clear Week" in the Job Schedule, Will this Clear the Week for All Users?
What Affects the Order in which Users Appear on the List When Assigning Users to a New Shift?
Can I Notify Users That Turned Off Their Job Schedule Notifications?
Can I Customize the Publish Notifications For an Open Shift?
Troubleshooting: I Can't Import Shifts to the Job Schedule
How will Daylight Saving Time Affect Shifts in the Job Scheduler?
Troubleshooting: My Scheduler Isn't Syncing With My Personal Calendar
How Can I Set Unavailability For a Holiday For All My Employees?
How Can I See How Many Weekly Hours I Scheduled?
Is There a Way To See Which of My Employees Have Confirmed Their Shifts?
Is It Possible to Edit Multiple Shifts at Once?
Is There a Way to Clear the Drop-down Options For the Shift Title?
How can employees see everyone's schedules?
Is There a Way to Prevent Users From Dropping a Shift They Previously Claimed or Confirmed?
Can I Attach a Form to a Job?
Who can edit the Job Scheduler?
Can I Change the Accept/Reject Shift Statuses?
What Happens to an Employee's Shifts When I Archive or Delete an Employee?
Can Employees Get Notified When They Don't Clock Into a Shift
How to Schedule a User Who Works Multiple Jobs/Shifts a Day?
Can I Share a Copy of the Schedule with Somebody via Email?
Can I Edit a Shift That's Been Submitted for Approval?

How do I Create a Checklist?
Can I Create Questions in a Form Based on Previous Answers?
What is the Size Limit of Images Uploaded to a Form?
I Want to Use Templates Created By Connecteam But I Want to Customize Them How Can I Do That?
As an Admin, I Cannot See a Form in the Admin Dashboard - Why?
Who Can Fill Out a Form?
Troubleshooting: My Employee Can't See a Form. Why Could That Be?
Can I Edit the PDF Download of a Form Submission?
I Want My Admin to be Able to See All Forms & Their Entries. How Can I Make That Happen?
How Do I Send a Completed Form to a Client, Who is Not a User in Connecteam?
I Want to Use an Existing Form As a Template For a New Form. How Can I Do That?
My Admin Can't Fill Out a Form, Why Could This Be?
Is There a Way to Compile All Images From A Form Without Doing it One by One?
After a form is completed it needs to be reviewed by a manager - is there a way for managers to sign off on specific forms?
Can I Share a Form Entry with a User Who is Not an Admin in Connecteam?
When We Export a Form's Entry Is It Possible to Exclude the Name of the Employee Who Filled in the Form?
How Can I Remind Employees to Fill Out a Form?
I Created A Form - Can It Be Attached To Other Places In Connecteam?
Forms Troubleshooting: Auto Report Isn't Getting Sent
How Can I Update an Existing Form Template I Created?
Can I Download a PDF or Print Out a Form That My Employee Filled Out?
How Can I Manage My Form Notifications? I'm Getting So Many Push Notifications and Emails
How Can I Re-Share a Form That I Already Published?
How Do I Archive a Form?
How Can I Set Requirements for Completing a Form Before Clocking Out?