Challenges of Employee Training

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For business owners, employee training is widely recognized as crucial. As mentioned in our article on the importance of employee onboarding, training, and development when employees aren’t properly trained they are being paid but dont bring the business value. Conducting effective training, however, is not without difficulties that both managers and employees experience. Training managers experience challenges such as creating content, logistics, lack of time and resources, and more. Employees may fail to grasp the value of training, find it uninteresting, or lack the necessary resources to complete it. Regardless of the specific challenges, you will still be confronted with questions regarding the effectiveness of the training, and measuring that may itself be a challenge. Let's dive deeper into some of the challenges associated with training.

Problems and Pains of Employee Training for Managers

  • Content creation is a pain - if you are creating content internally it can be a pain. You'll need to have great expertise in a variety of areas. You may need a video editor, a person to shoot the content, and other professional personnel. Ultimately this leads most people to turn to vendors, rather than creating content internally.

  • Content purchase is pricey - If you've chosen to go with a vendor then you'll certainly be paying the price. These courses can cost anywhere from 3-40K USD per annum depending on how interactive you'd like the courses to be and how many people will be taking the course. Furthermore, vendors often charge per change, meaning the content is not updated when a new update occurs. The costs alone may lead to no customization or ongoing improvement of training materials.

  • Time-Consuming - There is no way around it, traditional training programs consume the resources of both managers and employees.

  • Irrelevant Format - heavy, complex courses, built for desktops and in-person training, don’t fit the new type of learning and the new generation of employees.

  • Logistics nightmare - every training managers know the logistical difficulties of creating training. How do you gather all employees in one place for training? Impossible scheduling leads to lots of money wasted! Managers today postpone training and usually unite training into one large event.

  • Information and knowledge are ever-changing - what was correct yesterday, might need updating today.

  • Analysis and tracking - it's difficult to accurately track who attended, understood, and will implement the learned materials. This difficulty is most problematic if a company needs to provide proof that a specific training occurred or that a specific employee participated. Without this documentation, companies may find themselves in legal trouble.

  • Time to train everyone - the result of all the challenges involved in training is there isn't enough time. From the moment it is decided that training should occur it could take weeks to train everyone. The larger the organization, the longer it takes to train everyone.

Problems and Pains of Training for Employees

  • Don’t understand the need or value - employees don’t necessarily understand the need for training.

  • It’s not interesting - it’s boring content, delivered in a boring way. It’s not personalized in any way and does not show the employee how the training affects his or her daily life.

  • It’s a hassle and time-consuming - a lot of employees don't work at a desk with a computer. This means that they need to come especially to a place where the training takes place, outside the work schedule. If the training doesn't take place in person then it may require the employee to find a computer. For employees, nothing about training is convenient.

  • It’s not accessible - Nobody remembers everything all the time. What happens a few months after the training when an employee experiences a situation when they need the information from the training - how do I acess the material?

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