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Characteristics of Companies Who Require Training & Benefits of Employee Training
Characteristics of Companies Who Require Training & Benefits of Employee Training

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Employee training is the cornerstone of a professional workforce and a successful business. No matter the size of your organization you can benefit from employee training. There are however companies with certain characteristics that benefit more from training than others. For example, a construction company where there is a risk of accidents occurring requires more detailed and frequent training than a home cleaning business.

Regardless of wheater or not your business meets the characteristics of one who requires increased training, you won't regret training your employees. As mentioned in previous articles in our employee training best practices series often times whether it is a product you're selling, a service, experience, or expertise your people are your product, and there are numerous benefits to training your team.

Characteristics of Companies Who Require Increased & Better Training

  1. High Turnover Rate Companies - In some industries such as retail, food and beverage, or staffing companies employee turnover can be anywhere from 30% to 70%. These businesses have a constant flow of new employees which requires many onboarding and training sessions.

  2. Highly Regulated Businesses - businesses with strict regulations such as those handling food and safety, employee safety, financial and monetary businesses, etc require increased training to stay compliant with regulations.

  3. Public companies - these companies need to present verification that training was conducted.

  4. Risky occupations - companies that work with heavy machinery or in dangerous environments such as security or construction, require more training to minimize the risk of accidents.

  5. High information/knowledge required companies - companies with a high amount of knowledge that is required result in employees needing more training. For example, a cosmetics salesperson needs to know about the products they sell, skin types and conditions, and current promotions. There is a lot more information knowledge required than for example a house cleaner.

  6. Client-facing - all frontline personnel, have a great impact on the business’ income and revenue. The product is the people in the company. A good client experience will generate more income. These companies need some sort of onboarding, training, and professional standardization.

  7. Companies with many updates and changing knowledge - companies that require many changes to their knowledge base or training will need to constantly update their materials. Let's take for example a car salesperson, the makes and models of the cars are ever-changing as new models come in, banks might change the loans they offer and different companies may have different on-going promotions, there is a lot of information that is continuously changing.

  8. Highly growing companies - Companies that are rapidly growing need to be ready with a structured onboarding and learning structure. They also need to be continuously developing their employee so that they can prepare them for new roles and positions as the company grows.

Benefits of Employee Training

Whether or not you require increased training, there are benefits for both your business and your employees by conducting training. These untimely result in having a healthier more stable business that lets reap the benefits and increase your revenue.

Business Benefits of Employee Training

  • Minimize Time

    1. From recruitment to operations - minimize the time you pay employees without them providing value.

    2. In all training topics - any subject can turn into training, and the time it takes for you to train the company drops. This means that the time it takes from the moment a new topic comes up, to the moment all employees are done with the training - is dramatically shortened.

  • Lower Costs - there will be fewer 3rd party expenses on training courses and less spending on logistics to organize training days. When costs are lower - more training can occur and the level of professionalism rises!

  • Protect Yourself - eliminate the chance of a lawsuit by meeting compliance, regulations, and requirements. Everything is documented and you will always know who completed training, of all types.

  • Standardization - all your employees, in all locations, will act and operate in the same way.

Benefits of Training for Employees

  • Employee motivation and lower turnover - better training leads to a higher understanding of the business and a stronger connection If you focus on providing your employees with great training then there is no doubt you'll experience:

    1. Higher Employee Satisfaction - increased employee satisfaction rate and motivation to succeed.

    2. Higher Confidence - Better performance, then feel more secure and confident in their job.

    3. Reduced Turnover - Better onboarded and trained employees feel more connected to the company and tend to leave less.

  • Higher productivity - better training leads to correct actions, better performance, and fewer mistakes and fixes needed. As a whole/company, productivity rises.

  • Better employee effectiveness - a clear understanding of the requirements, the tasks at hand, and how to conduct the necessary jobs, lead to more precise work, and faster, more accurate results thus increasing employee efficiency.

After you've evaluated your company and if they meet the requirement of one that requires increased training. It's time to get started bridging the gap between where your employees are and where you want them to be through effective and accessible training, and we at Connecteam can help with that. We revolutionize the way companies conduct training and how training is experienced by employees making it easier to create and more accessible than ever.

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