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Enable automatic weekly reports for both employees and managers

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Payroll is a critical part of any business's operations. Often times though managers and employees wait until the last minute to go over timesheets and make sure everything is correct. To prevent this, by default, Connecteam sends via email a weekly summary to each user of their work hours for the past week, and to admins a summary of their employee's hours. This allows employees and managers to stay on top of their timesheets throughout the payroll period, checking that everything is correct and making necessary changes before the last minute arrives.

Users Weekly Timesheets Report

The user's weekly timesheet report will be sent to the user via email and give them a summary of all their hours for the past week. Take a look at how this looks below.

Note: This report is sent by email, if your users do not have an email in their Connecteam user profile then they will not receive this report.

Admins Weekly Timesheets Report

The admin's weekly timesheet report arrives in their email and gives them a summary of all their employees' work hours for the week. Take a look at how this looks below.

Deactivating the Weekly Timesheet Reports

If you would not like your employees or admins to receive these reports you can deactivate them. Go to your time clock > settings > auto reports > scroll down to weekly reports > uncheck the boxes for Admin and User Weekly Timesheets.

Please note that deactivating the weekly reports applies to all users and/or all admins.

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