Why Can't I Delete the All Users Smart Groups?

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Great question! Each feature and asset in Connecteam can be assigned to either a smart group or selected users. To understand why you can not delete the All Users Smart Group let's take a better look at the differences between these two options:

  • Selected Users - When I use selected users only the employees I assign NOW to a feature or asset will have access to it. If I add a new employee to my company and I want them to have access to the feature or asset I will need to edit the assignments and add them to the list of selected users.

  • Smart groups - When I assign a feature or an asset to a smart group any user present or future who meets the group's rules will be automatically added to the group and given access to any feature or asset assigned to this specific smart group.

Let's take a look at an example:

I have one schedule for my entire company. I've decided to assign it to selected users. I selected all the users in the company. Now I've added a new employee named Emily in order to add her to the schedule, ill need to enter it, click on edit assignments, and add her to the list of selected employees. Here is the thing though - my new employee Emily was automatically added to my All Users Smart Group when added to Connecteam because she meets the rule of being a user. Had my schedule been assigned to the All Users Group and not selected employees she would have automatically been added to the schedule. I would save myself the extra time I spend adding her to each and every feature or asset she needs to have access to - that is the beauty of assigning features and assets to Smart Groups.

Ultimately you should assign any features and assets you want all your employees (present and future) to the All Users Smart Group, and this is why you are unable to delete it.

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