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Gusto Troubleshooting: I Can't Export Timesheets or My Timesheets Are Exported Incorrectly
Gusto Troubleshooting: I Can't Export Timesheets or My Timesheets Are Exported Incorrectly
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Have you set up the Gusto integration and you’re encountering issues with exporting timesheets or you're finding the timesheets that have been exported to Gusto are incorrect? In this article, we will walk you through how to self-troubleshoot when you encounter these issues.

To get started, please make sure to review our article about how to integrate with Gusto Payroll.

If you’re still having issues, please review the following steps:

  1. Check what is not matching and if there's any data on the timesheets that can't be transferred into Gusto. This may lead to a difference between the hours seen on Connecteam’s timesheets and Gusto’s timesheets. Keep in mind that PTO, job-specific information, and contractor hours cannot be transferred.

  2. Compare what you see on the “Weekly Timesheets” or “Run Payroll” in Gusto versus what appears on Connecteam’s timesheets (For example, which hours transferred and what you see is missing).

  3. Check that the timesheets in Connecteam are in decimal format. To change the timesheets to decimal format, enter your Time Clock Settings → General Tab → Payroll export time format → Change to Decimal format.

  4. Disconnect and connect the integration again. To do so, go to the Time Clock Settings → Integrations tab → Click 'Disconnect' → Connect again.

  5. Perform a hard refresh to your browser (Control+Shift+R on a PC or Command+Shift+R on a Mac) and clear cache and cookies.

  6. If the above steps didn't help, reach out to the Support team. We’re here for you!

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