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We know that conducting payroll can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes for organizations. At Connecteam, we have made it our mission to simplify that process and make it as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus your efforts on what matters the most. In this help center article, we will walk you through the key steps to streamline your payroll via Gusto. Here is a quick table summary of what can be transferred:

What can be transferred

Cannot be transferred

Regular Hours


Overtime (1.5x multiplier)

Job specific information

Overtime (2.0x multiplier)

Contractor Hours

Now, before you connect the integration between Connecteam and Gusto, in case you do not have a Gusto account we've made it easy for you to create one. To do so, head to the Time Clock > Click on Settings at the top right > Select Integrations at the bottom left > Click on Connect under Gusto and select "Don't have a new company? Create one now!". This will allow you to quickly create a Gusto account either with your existing Google account or the email associated with your Connecteam account.

When you have made sure that you have a Gusto account we can begin with the steps to Connect the integration.

The steps are the following:

  1. Ensure the payroll period matches on Gusto & Connecteam

  2. Set up the connection between Gusto & Connecteam

  3. Match users from Connecteam to Gusto

  4. Export timesheets for payroll to Gusto

Before exporting, please make sure that your employees' names are identical between Connecteam and Gusto as that will speed up the matching process. If they are not the same you will get the option to manually match the employees in Connecteam.

Step 1: Ensure the payroll period matches on Gusto & Connecteam

The first step would be to quickly check your payroll periods on both Connecteam and Gusto and make sure that they match. This will ensure that all the times are carried over to Gusto.

In Connecteam:

In Gusto:

Once you have confirmed that the payroll periods are matching, you can proceed to the next step. :)

Step 2: Set up the connection between Gusto & Connecteam

We can now begin to connect the two platforms. To begin, click on the settings tab on the timeclock. Then scroll down to integrations on the navigation bar and click on the Integrations tab. From here you can navigate to Gusto, click on Connect, and connect integration:

A new page will appear asking you to log in to your Gusto account and then agree to connect the two applications and the data sharing between them. To continue, click authorize and it will automatically close and take you back to Connecteam if the connection was successful.

Step 3: Match users from Connecteam to Gusto

In this step, you will be asked to match your Connecteam and Gusto users. Connecteam helps you by automatically matching employees by first, last name, mobile phone number, and email. For employees that the system does not recognize based on those criteria, you are able to manually match those.

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of users within Gusto, you can quickly export those by clicking on the import button at the bottom right of your matching screen to save you a ton of time!

Step 4: Export timesheets for payroll to Gusto

Once your payroll period has ended and you are ready to export your timesheets to Gusto, you can go ahead and click on the export button in the Connecteam timesheets. Once there you can go ahead and click on Export to Gusto.

From here you will simply follow the steps and it will confirm that it has been successfully imported for the respective payroll period.

Voila! Your employee's regular hours, overtime, and double-time have been transferred to Gusto!


By following the 4 steps mentioned in the article we hope to save you a lot of time and errors so that you can focus on the most essential parts of your business. Our guarantee to you is to continue to improve the payroll process to make sure it is as seamless as possible! Be on the lookout for more functions coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already connected my integration, why does another Admin have to do it as well?

Every admin has a unique login to Gusto. That is why each admin has to personally connect to the integration.

What happens if I export the same payroll period twice?

The hours that you export from Connecteam will always overwrite your hours in Gusto. Empty timesheets will not overwrite information that already exists in Gusto

Why can I only export 1.5x and 2.0 Overtime multipliers?

Gusto supports Overtime and Double time meaning that other multipliers are not supported by their platform. As a result, those are the only overtime hours that we can pass. To set up your Overtime multipliers, head over to your Overtime Settings.

After exporting Connecteam is telling me that I have to match my employees, what do I do?

If you've added new employees and are trying to export their hours, Connecteam will remind you to match the employees again. Keep in mind that if this is an employee that should not be exported, you can always ignore the user by selecting ignore user from the dropdown option.

Some of my Connecteam users should not be matched to Gusto. What do I do?

When matching your employees you have the option to ignore a specific user

Why can I not export hours for my contractors to Gusto?

Currently, Gusto's API does not support exporting hours for contractors.

I am trying to export hours for a specific employee but it says they are not set up as hourly employees in Gusto. How do I solve this?

In order to export hours to Gusto, your employees must be set as hourly employees. To resolve this, head over to your Gusto account and follow these steps:

I matched the wrong Connecteam employee to the wrong Gusto user. How can I amend this?

You can always initiate the matching process again by going back to your integration screen and clicking on the match employees symbol.

Does it carry over the pay rate information from Connecteam or do I need to enter pay rates manually?

You need to enter pay rates manually for each employee. You can learn how to add pay rate in Gusto here or here for a video (minute 3:30).

Does it export job information?


What if I have more than one account in Gusto?

You can connect one time clock to one company, meaning if you have two companies in Gusto for example, you can connect each time clock to a different company.

Is the Gusto integration just for payroll or also invoicing?

Just for payroll.

If I have a user in two time clocks, and I use the integration, will it override the hours of a different report or add them on?

Every time you push hours from one time clock to Gusto, it will override what you did before.

I am struggling with connecting my Gusto integration, what can I do?

If you have issues with connecting your Gusto integration, you can always reach out to us on our Live Chat, or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist! You can also request a phone call through both of those channels and our team will make sure to help you further.

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Payroll Period

Pay Schedule

**Integrations are available on all of our premium plans**

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