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How Do I Move an Employee From One Time Off Policy to Another?
How Do I Move an Employee From One Time Off Policy to Another?
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In order to move a user from one Time Off policy to another Time Off policy, you need to edit the assignments of the policies.

A user can't be assigned to two different policies under the same Time Off type. Under a Time Off type, different policies would be created for different users who are entitled to different terms. This means, that if a user is assigned to a specific policy he won't be able to be assigned to another policy under the same type at the same time. For example, for a Holiday time off type, you could have a policy assigned to full-time workers and a policy assigned to part-time workers because the two groups are eligible for different amounts of time off.

To move a user from one policy to another, simply assign them to the desired policy. This will un-assign them from the previous policy and move them to the new policy.

Let's learn this through an example.

One of my users, Oscar, is currently a part-time worker and is assigned to the Holiday part-time policy, which is a limited policy. He can earn up to 20 hours a year.

Oscar got promoted and will become a full-time worker from tomorrow, and I need to assign him to the Holiday full-time policy.

I don't need to remove Oscar from the part-time policy. All that needs to be done is assign him to the new policy, by clicking on the 3 dots next to the policy, clicking on Edit policy assignment, and check-marking Oscar on the user's list. Then, click on "Save" and you will see a pop-up that refers to the user being moved from their current policy to an unlimited policy. Click on "Confirm move" and that's it, you are all set!

Once Oscar is assigned to the full-time policy, he will be automatically unassigned from the part-time policy! I have moved my user from one policy to the other.

For more information about creating Time Off policies and assigning them to users visit this article.

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