Can I Get a Report on Late Clock-in?

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If you are looking to receive a report of all employees who clocked in late, look no further! This can be done easily through the Auto-reports capability in the Time Clock. Enabling Auto reports will allow you to receive automatic reports directly to your email, which will include only information that’s relevant to you!

In order to enable Auto reports, enter the relevant Time Clock and head over to settings. Once you're in the settings, click on the ‘Auto reports’ tab and start setting up your custom Auto report! Take a look at this short demonstration of the Auto report set up:

Step 1: Select a title for your Auto report (Late Clock-in), and add a short description.

Step 2: Under ‘Report Type’ select ‘User Report’. A drop down menu will appear; select the option ‘Users that haven’t clocked in yet today’.

Step 3: Select all of your working days, and set a time for the report to be sent; this should be at a time which is after your employees’ usual start time, in order to see who is late.

Step 4: Choose the recipients who you wish to receive this Auto report.

Step 5: Select if you would like the report to be sent either as an Excel or PDF file.

Step 6 (Optional): Filter only for users who are scheduled to work on certain days, so you do not receive reports about employees’ who are not working.

​*Time Clock Auto reports are available from the Operations Expert plan and above*

To learn more about Time Clock Auto Reports, click here!

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