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At Connecteam, nothing is more important to us than the security of our client's information, and the new login flow is solely meant to allow that.

Logging in with a phone number + a one-time password (OPT) is a simple way to log in with a flow that is much more intuitive. When logging in to the Connecteam platform, you will receive a one-time password via text message, ensuring that you are indeed the one entering it. After entering the passcode, you can then type in your email address and permanent passcode to log in.

Connecteam holds sensitive data about your employees and company data. A one-time password (OTP) is more secure than a static password, especially a user-created password, which can be weak and/or reused across multiple accounts. Your users might create very weak passwords and even worse, they can write those passwords everywhere (like sticky notes on their computers). More and more services are transforming from using email & passwords to OTP simply because it’s safer. Here at Connecteam where we care about the security of your account, we are going the same!

The new Log in flow will look as follows:

Step 1: Enter your phone number

Step 2: Enter the code sent to your mobile phone

Step 3: Thats it you are logged into your Dashboard

Pro tip: To learn more about How To set your Apps Security Settings, click here.

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