How Do I Archive a Job?
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Thanks to our recent release, it is now possible to archive a job. You can unassign it from your job schedule and time clock, removing it from the day-to-day operations, while maintaining its usage history in the Jobs Tab.

Let's go over how to do this below:

  1. Take a look at the left sidebar and click on the Jobs tab

  2. Click on the specific job you wish to unassign and take a look at the new tab opening on the right side

  3. At the bottom, you will find the fields "Use in clocks" and "Use in schedules". Go into each of them and deselect all time clocks and job schedulers you had previously assigned the job to

  4. If you select one time clock or one job scheduler at a time, a pop-up warning will appear, go ahead and click on Confirm Unassign

  5. Click Save Job

Now, revisit the list on the Jobs tab and notice how the job is no longer assigned to any feature. This indicates that users won't have visibility of it anymore. However, as the admin, you still retain access to the job's data, which can be utilized for post-analysis.

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