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Why Are the Jobs I Created in the Job Scheduler Not the Same As the Ones I Created in the Time Clock?
Why Are the Jobs I Created in the Job Scheduler Not the Same As the Ones I Created in the Time Clock?
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If the jobs you created in the Job Scheduler are not the same as the jobs in the Time Clock, this means that these features are not synced. By default, the Time Clock and Job Schedule aren't synced; jobs you create in the Job Schedule won't appear in the Time Clock and vice versa. This way, you can use these features separately so that users clock into jobs in the Time Clock, and they can check into different jobs that are assigned to shifts in the Job Scheduler.

Jobs in the Time Clock (on the left) are different from the Jobs in the Job Schedule (on the right) when the features are not synced:

If your users are assigned to the Time clock and also to the Schedule, and you would like the jobs to be the same you can easily sync the Time Clock and the Job Schedule. This will align the jobs on both features and will create a unified job list: The ‘jobs’ from both features will be unified and synced including all the relevant job information. Adding new jobs, editing, and removing existing jobs from the schedule will affect the time clock and vice versa.

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How to see if the features are synced

When the features are synced, in the Job Schedule feature you will see a sync icon next to the Scheduler's name which indicates that this asset is synced with a Time Clock:

You can also see the synced icon in the Time Clock lobby, when you hover over the icon it will elaborate on the Scheduler that is synced with:

The ability to sync and un-sync time clocks and job schedulers is available for account owners only.

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