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Time Off: What are Policy Accrual Settings?
Time Off: What are Policy Accrual Settings?
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The Time Off feature helps you manage everything related to employee leave in a way that is accessible and transparent to employees and managers. When creating Limited Time Off Policies - meaning policies where the amount of time off employees receive or accrue each year is limited, the accrual settings can be Fixed or Hourly. These settings need to be set when creating the policy. Let's go over the differences below.

Limited Fixed Policies

With limited fixed policies the employee accrues a fixed amount of hours of days per year. For example, the employee might accure 20 days per year, or if using hours 160 hours.

Note that when setting a limited fixed policy, you will need to determine the accrual cycle to learn more about that click here.

Limited Hourly Policies

With limited hourly policies, the employee accrues time off based on the number of hours worked. For example for every 40 hours of work, they might accrue 8 hours.

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