The advantage of an SFTP interface is that it is quick and easy to set up. 

How it works:

The information is transferred from the organizational system in an Excel Sheet format based on a pre-defined interval basis as per the customer's preference. (e.g. once a day at 08:00 am).
The SFTP is then exported as an excel sheet from the organizational system as defined in the protocol and is securely transmitted to Connecteam's system where it is being processed. 

Requirements: Ability to export a CSV (excel sheet) file from the organizational system.

Setup Time: Between 1-5 working days

The technical guide:

  1. Request a private key, username, and the SFTP server address.

2. Generate a 'Diff' file in a compatible CSV format:

  • The Diff file format should be saved as a CSV file and should include the columns as seen in the exportable CSV file, which can be found on the Users page when clicking on the 'Import users' button.

    Navigate to the 'Import Users' page:

        Download the CSV format file for reference:

  • To test the file for compatibility just follow the process of manually uploading the user's CSV file as described in this article.

3. Upload the 'Diff' file to the server

  • Upload the Diff file to the server, to a folder named 'Uploads'.

  • The most recent file in the folder will be screened once a day and uploaded to the system.

4. Contact Connecteam for review and conduct testing

For more information, please address us.

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