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Connecteam offers various plans and product hubs that fit each organization’s needs. This allows for customization as well as an all-in-one platform to manage your deskless employees!

Connecteam’s Enterprise Plan was built for larger organizations, with endless room for growth. It provides unlimited capabilities with a custom pricing structure for each product hub. If your organization is larger than 300 employees, the Enterprise plan is definitely the way to go.

This article will break down the various capabilities offered in the Enterprise plan on the:

The HR Hub:

Recognition and Rewards Feature:

You will be able to create, manage, and edit Recognition badges. Badges are sent to employees to recognize merits and achievements.

With the Enterprise plan, you will be able to create unlimited badges to recognize each employee on their unique milestone!

With Connecteam’s Rewards, you will be able to recognize your employees even further, namely by providing them with monetary tokens!

On the Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to define who can purchase as well as send tokens that will have real monetary value in an exciting marketplace.

With the Courses feature, you will be able to fully customize courses, and onboardings, and monitor your employees’ progress.

On the Enterprise plan, you will be able to control the course’s timing for employees in two ways:

  • Hierarchy - meaning that only after they have completed one section they can move on to the next.

  • On date - define a specific date from which the course will be available.

The Timeline feature consists of important professional events and milestones for each employee, such as promotions, raises, or changes in teams or departments.

These milestones might be based on information that exists in other features of the platform. For example, when managers conduct employee evaluations, instead of wasting valuable time explaining to their managers what form they need to fill out or where it is, you can link the Form to the Timeline using a Shortcut.

On the Enterprise plan, not only will you be able to manage all your employees’ important documents in one convenient place, but as an admin, you will also be able to approve or reject documents. Employees will be notified immediately if any modifications or additional documents are necessary.

The Communication Hub:

The Enterprise plan will allow you to have unlimited attachments on any Update that you publish, allowing you to create exciting and interactive newsletters, announcements and so much more! You will also be able to plan ahead and schedule publications, as well as have unlimited access to custom publishers, helping each update feel more intentional and targeted.

The Enterprise plan offers unlimited storage for any Knowledge base you are looking to update.

Allows you to conduct shortcuts to any resource within the system

This will allow you to create Events and add shortcuts to any other resource within the system

The Operations Hub:

  • Create unlimited time clocks to manage each location according to their work specifications and overtime regulations.

  • Establish unlimited geofences to ensure your employees only clock in within their designated job sites.

  • Review the routes of your employees whilst they are clocked in with the Breadcrumbs capability. You will be able to review the routes of your employees through the Map View and easily track their whereabouts throughout their workday.

  • Add unlimited Shift Attachments to improve data collection from your employees

  • Set up unlimited auto reports to be sent straight to your email at your preferred frequency. With automatic reports, you can create specific filters to acquire the information that you want and have it shared seamlessly with any user or email address you'd like!

  • Create unlimited job schedulers to manage each location according to their work specifications and overtime regulations.

  • Add unlimited additional Layers to your users’ shifts, making sure you and your users have all the information they need to complete the shift to perfection.

  • Insert shortcuts to each shift to send your employees to other relevant resources within the system.

  • Enable cross-schedule conflicts to avoid overlapping shifts for employees who are assigned to more than one schedule.

  • Send automatic Excel spreadsheet reports of your Form entries based on your preferred frequency, and share them automatically with any email address you'd like! The Enterprise plan also offers to export information from Connecteam via a webhook.

  • Unlimited manager fields: Perfect the internal communication processes in your company by creating Manager Fields

Enterprise Specialties

The Enterprise plan offers much more in addition to unlimited capabilities in each hub.

Once you sign on, you will have a dedicated Customer Success manager that will make sure your transition to Connecteam runs smoothly. The relevant Customer Success manager will then take over and walk you and your organization through a structured implementation process.

In order to ensure a smooth transition of your larger organization, the Enterprise plan also offers two sets of API connections:

Interfacing your HRIS system with Connecteam will allow you to:

  • Add new employees to the system

  • Update existing employee information

  • Archiving employees, and by doing so withdrawing their access permissions to the App

Forms API

This allows you to export information from Connecteam via a webhook. For example, if a user creates any type of report/form/ checklist, the webhook will automatically transmit the digital information gathered by the user and show it on a 3rd party server.

In addition, the Enterprise plan offers heightened security such as 2-factor authentication as well as offers biometric access to open and lock the app.

The Enterprise Plan provides unlimited access to all of Connecteam’s features, with heightened security as well as full-fledged support in order to ensure a smooth transition and usage of the app!


With the enterprise plan, there are additional security measures that can be applied to your account. These include:

  • Microsoft Azure Single Sign-On - if your company uses Azure then you can require admins to log in to the Admin Dashboard and authenticate via Azure Active directory.

  • Two- Factor Identification (2FA)- when enabled, admins will have to authenticate with a username and password, and a 4-digit code sent automatically to their registered mobile phone number.

  • Device Authentication (App lock for the mobile app) - When enabled, users have to authenticate every time they access the mobile app. The authentication method will be according to their device's face recognition or fingerprint authentication.

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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