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Users Troubleshooting: Can't Import Users with CSV File
Users Troubleshooting: Can't Import Users with CSV File
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If you're having difficulty importing users via Excel (CSV file), you've reached the right place! In this article, we’ll review how to self-troubleshoot the issue.

Before getting started, make sure you're using the template that we provide on the app, and that you're saving the file as a CSV file when you're done. Instructions for how to upload the CSV file correctly can be found upon clicking on Import Users in the Users tab.

  1. Compare the Connecteam template to the file that you are uploading. Review each column heading's spelling to ensure there are no spelling mistakes that would cause misalignment with the original template provided or with the user profile fields.

  2. Make sure the file contains a column for each of the required fields.

  3. Make sure that under the "Phone Number" column, each user has their own phone number. It is a mandatory field and you will not be able to upload users without it.

  4. For date fields, make sure the date is in the right format matching the settings in your app (dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy). To check this, click on your user name at the top right corner of the screen, and click on Settings. Go to the General tab, and check the Date format you have listed.

  5. Make sure there is no missing information on the required fields.

  6. If there's an 'Archive' column - make sure you are not trying to archive an admin (In order to archive an admin, you need to demote them to a regular user first)

  7. If you have a dropdown user profile field - make sure you put a valid option from the dropdown list. If you need to list more than 1 option, make sure they are separated with a comma.

  8. If none of the above steps helped, reach out to our Support team! We're here to help!

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