With Connecteam's Time Clock you will get so much more than just tracking your employees punching in & out. Every business needs to track how its resources are allocated, and with Connecteam's Time Clock, you can use the Job Insights capability to do just that!. Learn about how powerful job insights and really understand how employees’ time is spent, how it can be optimized, view and even export hours worked per job or customer, and more.

In this article, we will go over:

How to Access the Job Insights

To access the Job Insights:

  1. Access the Time clock from the side-bar

  2. Click on the "Timesheets" tab

  3. Scroll down and view Job Insights

  4. Click on "View All Jobs" to view details or Export

How to Filter and Change the View of the Job Insights

In the Timesheets tab, you can see an overview of the Overall Job Insights. You can view the total hours spent on each job, and the average hours spent on each job per shift. If you have a Job with Sub Jobs, you can view the information for each Sub Job individually and for all of them in total.

Job Insights

Click on "View all Jobs" to gain a further and a more detailed view of the jobs.

When clicking on "View all Jobs" you can filter by the date range to fit your needs, this view will show you the total hours that were completed on that date range, the list of Jobs, Sub Jobs, the employees that performed each job, the number of shifts spent on that job, and its total hours. Click on the "Sub Job" to view the breakdown of each Sub Job.

Filter the Job Insights view when viewed by the "Job" view

  1. Get a better understating by filtering out the information you wish to see

  2. Click on the date range to view all jobs insights per selected range of dates, this will help you understand how many times they were used in a given time period, for how many hours, and with each user

  3. Next, click on "Filter" and choose the relevant filter field for you, you can add layers of filters by clicking on the "+" button and adding another layer.

In the example below, we can see that the filter is applied on the "Work Site A" job, this view breaks down the hours and shows the list of users who performed this job, the number of their shifts with this job, and the total hours that they spent on that job.

Filter the Job Insights view when viewed by the "Users" view

If you wish to analyze data per employee, click on the view by "Users" on the top left. This view will break down the details per user. You can view each employee's jobs, the number of shifts spent on these jobs, and the total hour for each job.

Click on "View Job Usage" to see the exact details of each job per user.

In the example below, we can see that Miranda worked 9 hours on the "Work Site A" Job, and when clicking on "View Job Insights" we can see when she clocked in and out on these shifts.

How to Export Job Insights

To keep everything documented and transparent you can export the job insights. You can export the information when viewed by job, by user, and even per user. To export the insights: click on the Job view to export by Job, on the top right, click on "export" and select to export to excel or as a PDF file:

In the example below we can view the exported data on the "Job" view, this view will show you the information by highlighting the Jobs.

To export by "User View", simply change the view to "view by user", and next click on export. This view will show you the information by highlighting the Users.

If you wish to analyze data per Employee on a specific job, click on "View by Users", and click on "View Job Usage", here you can change the job, add manager notes that you want to appear on the export by hovering over the shift, and click on "export on the top right:

The export from the Job Usage view will look like this:

Exporting with Advanced Filters

If you wish to export specific information, make sure to filter the fields you need. Next click on "export".

In the example below we can see that two jobs were filtered out "Customer 1" and "Work Site A"

This is what the export above will look like, we can see that only the two jobs we chose will appear in the exported file.

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