Viewing Options in the Job Scheduler
View by options, multi-select viewing, and filtering. Learn how to view your job schedule in the most efficient way.
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At Connecteam your job schedule is your go-to for keeping track of who is working which job and when. It also helps you gain valuable and necessary information such as when your employees prefer to work and their unavailability. As more information gets added to the schedule though things can get messy and difficult to understand. That's why our Job Scheduler has different viewing options, displaying only the information you need in the most efficient way.

Now, let us dive deeper into these viewing options.

The Basics: View by Jobs, View by Users, and View by Layers

We want you to be able to view your schedule in the way that is most convenient for you. For this reason, we created different viewing options.

To find the view by options, enter your schedule and navigate to the top left

Screenshot of view by options in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

View by Users: In this view, you are able to see the users on the right side and corresponding shifts in the schedule.

Screenshot of view by users option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

View by Jobs: this allows you to view the schedule according to Jobs, with the jobs displayed on the left side. This option helps you to make there is never a job without a shift attached to it!

In the example below a hospital uses the view by job option, to ensure that all their jobs have the correct number of shifts at the right time.

Screenshot of view by jobs option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Please note that jobs can be set as anything you want, including clients! To learn more on setting up jobs check out this article.

View by Layers: Layers are a great tool that allows you to add additional information to users’ shifts. Layers can be anything you want them to be, from jobs, positions in the company, resources, tools, and more. By viewing the schedule by layers you can make sure to dispatch your equipment correctly.

The example below shows the layer as iPads, by viewing the schedule by layer you can make sure no two iPads are being used at the same time and that no employee is left without an iPad.

Screenshot of view by layers option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To learn more about Layers have a look at our Job Scheduling Layers article.

Multi-Select: Work Preferences, Availability Flags, Conflicts, and Cross Unavailabilities

The schedule gives you additional information besides just the shifts your users are working. Connecteam’s schedule has the capability to show users’ work preferences, unavailability, conflicts, and cross unavailabilities. Besides viewing your schedule by jobs, users, or layers as seen above, you can also use the multi-select view to select which of these capabilities you want to display on the schedule and which ones to hide. Now let’s go over these capabilities and how they look in the schedule itself.

To use the multi-select navigate to the top of the schedule, and click on the button with an eye on it. Then, toggle on or off the options you want to view in the schedule.

Screenshot of multi-select function in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Work Preferences: let you know when your employees prefer to work, enabling you to schedule them accordingly and avoid unnecessary complaints or conflicts. When the work preferences view is toggled on the work preferences are displayed in green and can be set by the user as all day or specific hours.

As seen in the example below, when a shift is scheduled on a day marked as preferred to work a green flag will appear in the bottom left corner indicating the user prefers to work. Hover over the green flag to see the full details of the user's work preference.

Screenshot of work preferences option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To learn more about work preferences check out the article on Allow Users to Set Their Prefered Work Hours and Unavailability.

Availability Status: Lets you know that your employees are unavailable to work. Unavailability can be set as either all day or for specific hours.

In the schedule, unavailability is displayed in red. Unavailability can also be marked by an availability flag, which appears if you scheduled a user to work on a day they are marked unavailable. Hover over the availability flag and all the details of the unavailability will appear.

Screenshot of unavailability option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To learn more about unavailability check out this article.

Conflicts: When toggled on conflicts tells you that something is incorrect with your schedule! Perhaps you scheduled somebody for two shifts at the same time, or maybe they are scheduled when they marked themselves as unavailable.

In the schedule, conflicts are displayed by a red flag with an exclamation point in the upper right corner of the shift. When hovering over the exclamation point information regarding the conflict will appear.

As you can in the example below the user is scheduled for the same shift twice and thus a conflict appears.

Screenshot of conflicts option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To learn more about conflicts and how to solve them, be sure to check out the article on Schedule Limitations and Conflicts

Cross Unavailabilities: this will occur if you have the same users assigned to more than one schedule. A user may mark themselves as unavailable on one schedule, and forget to do so on the other. For this reason, Connecteam has created cross availabilities that allow you to stay in control and view unavailability throughout all your schedules regardless of which one it was marked on.

In the example below you can see that all the unavailable appear as either all day or specific hours saying “on another schedule.”

Screenshot of cross unavailabilities option in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Filtering to Gain Specific Information

In combination with the view-by options and the multiple select, Connecteam’s schedule has a powerful filter, enabling you to filter for specific information. Do you want to only view jobs without shifts, available users, or a specific piece of information in a layer (such as a truck or iPad), and much more? It's all possible with Connecteam's filter!

The schedule filter can be found at the top of the schedule page:

Screenshot of schedule filter in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Have a look at some of the filter options Connecteam gives you below!

Screenshot of filter options in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Screenshot of filter options in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

To learn more about filtering in the schedule read our article on Powerful Schedule Filtering

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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