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Can I Receive a Summary of the Time Worked by Employees for One Specific Job
Can I Receive a Summary of the Time Worked by Employees for One Specific Job
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You can use our Job Insights capability to understand, improve, and report the cumulative hours worked per job. It is also ideal for getting the information you need for invoicing and billing jobs (i.e. clients, worksites, customers, projects).

Let's walk through an example together to understand best how to view the cumulative hours worked on one specific job and how to export it!

Step 1: Access the Job Insights

  1. Access the Time clock feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on Access Clock

  3. Go into the Timesheets tab

  4. Scroll down and view the Job Insights section

  5. Click on View All Jobs to access it

Step 2: Filter for the Job you Need

  1. Adjust the "View by" to be by Job

  2. Adjust the date range to the desired time frame you need

  3. Access the Filter button, » scroll down until you find the Feature Usage section » Choose Job » then select 'is' and choose the job you need.

  4. Now, when you take a look at the Job Insights, you should only see the specific job you chose in the date range you selected

Step 3: Export it

Once you review the steps above, the last thing you need to do is Export the information by clicking on the Export button on the top right corner, you can choose either an Excel or a PDF file.

This is how the final export looks in Excel (left) and in PDF (right):

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