Time Clock jobs are a great way to track work hours spent on different jobs, projects, customers or anything else you'd like to track time for.

If you use multiple jobs, you'd like to be familiar with the option to view jobs insights and export it as a report which can be used for your own analytics, delivered to customers for billing purposes, or any other use you find useful.

How to view jobs insights:

  • On your dashboard, access the Time Clock

  • Click on the Timesheets tab

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

  • On the bottom right side of the screen, you'll see the jobs Insights summary

  • Click on the button View All jobs

Utilizing jobs insights:

Here's what you can do with jobs insights:

  • View all jobs insights per selected range of dates: how many times they were used in a given time period, for how many hours and with each users

  • Use all system custom fields and filters to filter the jobs list

  • Export jobs reports

  • job filtering: Click on the filter button and choose the job option to filter the list by one or more jobs (Make sure to choose job):

  • View job usage per user: Hover any user's row, and click on the View job usage button that will appear on the right side of the screen

Once clicked, a new side window will present the detailed records of that specific user under the selected job:

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