One of the advantages of using a digital Time Clock is that you can accurately track your employees' working hours and know exactly what you are paying them for. Having a proper payroll approval process helps ensure payroll accuracy, monitor labor costs, and offers peace of mind when doing payroll.

By giving specific admins the ability to lock days on the timesheets, you are requiring them to go over the hours and approve them by locking those dates. A locked day means an admin with the relevant permission went over the hours for that day and approved them for payroll. Locked days cannot be edited unless first unlocked by an admin with unlocking permissions.

Below is a guide on how to use the day locking feature with Connecteam:

Step 1:

To set up day locking, head into your Time Clock and click on Settings at the top right.

In the General tab, check the "enable day locking" checkbox, and select which admins are permitted to lock or unlock days. These permissions are controlled separately, so you can give team managers the ability to lock and approve dates, but keep the unlocking permissions for admins who deal with payroll.

Step 2 :

The admin opens an employee's timesheets and approves the hours by locking the dates. This can be done for specific days, or for a selected time frame in bulk.

Locking specific days:

Locking in bulk:

Locking days from mobile

Admins with permissions can also approve and lock days from their admin tab on mobile. On mobile, this can also be done from the "Today" view, to easily lock the current day once a shift has ended:

Or in bulk for a chosen time frame:

After an admin approved and locks an employee's day on their timesheets, the locked day cannot be edited in any way unless they are first unlocked by an admin with unlocking permissions. Future days cannot be locked.

The user's experience

Once the current day has been locked, the employee won't be able to clock in again until the next day. Users cannot submit edit requests for locked days.


That's it!

Now you have another layer of accountability to the payroll process and can be assured that your payroll is as accurate as it can be, knowing that your managers went over and approved it, and it has not been changed after.

Additional Resources:

Day Locking is available from the advanced plan and up

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