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Breadcrumbs GPS Tracking FAQ for App Users
Breadcrumbs GPS Tracking FAQ for App Users

Learn all about our Breadcrumbs GPS tracking in your Connecteam app and how we protect your privacy

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This article provides a detailed explanation of how location is being tracked, how your data is protected and answers some FAQs that you may find useful.

Please note that your location is NEVER shared with your employer or system admin nor documented on Connecteam's database when you're off the clock or on your time off.

Here's everything you need to know about GPS tracking with Connecteam:

🟢 Why do I need to set my Connecteam location services to ‘always’ instead of ‘while using the app’?

By setting location services to “Always”, you won’t need to have the app opened at all times in order for the location tracking to work. The results of that are not only peace of mind, but also increased efficiency of battery life and device resources.

Please note that your admin may not request location tracking while on the clock, and only for the clock in and out location stamps. In that case, the app will not request location services to be set to 'Always'.

🟢 When does Connecteam share my location with my employer?

Your employer will never have access to your location unless you are on the clock. Your location data is stored on your phone and is only sent to Connecteam when you clock in. If you’re clocked out, Connecteam may use your location to know when you’ve entered a job site with a geofence, but that data is stored only on your device.

Depending on how your admin configured Connecteam, your employer can either see a stamp of your location when you clock in and out, or a trail of your journey as pinpoints on a map, but won’t have access to your live location at any given time.

🟢 How often does the GPS track my location?

Locations are tracked periodically, as you move around while on the clock. It may be every few minutes but may also be every few hours if you’re in the same location. The thinking behind this is to be as resource-efficient as possible and to only use location tracking when necessary.

🟢 Do I have to let Connecteam track my location in order to clock in on my phone?

Connecteam offers multiple solutions when it comes to location tracking. The decision on how to utilize those capabilities is up to your account’s admin or your managers. If you do not want your location tracked, we recommend talking to your managers about alternative ways to track time using Connecteam.

🟢 Can I turn off location tracking?

Yes. With today’s privacy settings in mobile devices, you have full control over what information is being shared with the apps you use. With that said, if an admin in your account decided that location tracking is required in order to clock in and out, you won’t be able to utilize the time clock in real-time unless you set your location services to 'always' or to 'while using the app' (depends on the admin configured Connecteam).

If you have any reservations about the necessity of location tracking we encourage you to talk to your managers about alternative ways to track time using Connecteam.

🟢 How much data does the Connecteam app use?

When using live tracking while on the clock, it completely depends if you're on the move or not. If you remain in the same location, your device will save more energy than if you're on the move. You can learn more about how much data Connecteam uses in general by clicking here.

🟢 How much does the Connecteam app drain my battery?

It depends. There’s no standard unit of measure for cellphone batteries. When using live tracking, if you remain in the same location the app will conserve more energy compared to if you're on the move. With that said, we've developed our live tracking capability in a way that optimizes battery conservation to allow you to remain online without any disruptions to your day-to-day.

🟢 Why does my iPhone say “Connecteam has been using your location in the background”?

This is a native iOS capability that Apple has built into its operating system to let users know that their location is being tracked and is required by Apple when being used.

This message will only appear twice, after 3 days and then after 7 days from the initial set of the location services for the app to 'Always'. From your perspective, there’s no need to change anything or take any actions in relation to this notification.

Please remember that the app shares your location data with your employer and Connecteam’s database only when you’re clocked in. During your time off or when off the clock, your location is not being shared with your employer nor documented anywhere on our database.

🟢 How accurate is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking on mobile devices is only accurate to a certain degree, as there are multiple variables that can affect it, such as your location services (for instance if you're inside a building, walking in a city, or driving on an open highway), your phone’s operating system, version, or model (newer devices use more modern technology that typically provides a more accurate location), the location of GPS satellites in the sky compared to your location, internet coverage, and more. Mostly, the location is accurate to a 15-50 feet radius (5-15 meters).

If you have any concerns about your privacy or have any questions, please reach out to our Data Protection Officer at [email protected]

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