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Do Breadcrumbs Track Employees Only When Clocked In?
Do Breadcrumbs Track Employees Only When Clocked In?
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Despite the fact that the Breadcrumbs capability requires the employee's location services to be set to always, Connecteam only provides managers with their location when they are on the clock. In other words, when employees are not clocked in, we do not save that information nor display that for managers to protect your employee's privacy. When the employee is not clocked into the connecteam app the location information is stored locally on their device and not shared with connecteam.

After you have activated the Breadcrumbs capability and your employees have clocked in and out, you'll be able to see the clock-in and clock-out locations and location stamps in between - but no registries before clock-in or after clock-out.

The reason employees are required to set the app's location services permission to 'Always' is that if the permission is set to a different mode and the employee closes the app or turns off the screen, it may affect the ability to capture location updates which will result in showing a straight line on the map.

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