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My App Drains a Lot of Data and the Battery
My App Drains a Lot of Data and the Battery
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Our Breadcrumbs technology is designed to be energy-efficient. It only records a location when a certain distance is traveled, which helps save battery and data. In fact, tests show that our technology conserves up to 85% more battery and data compared to traditional live tracking methods. That being said the employee's location settings need to be set to always in order for the breadcrumbs to work it uses more battery and data compared to our geolocation and geofencing options.

Since the location is set to always the employee's location is constantly being tracked and stored locally on the employee's device. The location is only shared with Connecteam went the employee is clocked in. If your employee is saying that the app drains a lot of data and battery, you could suggest they enter their phone settings and turn off the location capabilities when not using the app. This way their location will not be tracked at all. It's important to note that before clocking in again, they will need to enter their phone settings and reactivate the location to be set to Always.

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