The Kiosk App is all about allowing users to easily log in and out quickly on the same device. This can be great if you don't want users to use their phones for work-related purposes. The Kiosk App can be added to a stationary device such as an Ipad, or even to a manager’s phone.

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Downloading the Kiosk

Since the Kiosk app allows all users to log in it must be set up to your company account. Setting up your Kiosk App is easy, and takes no more than a few seconds.

The Kiosk App can be downloaded here or by using this link:, and can be installed on any Apple mobile device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or any compatible Android OS mobile device (Smartphone and tablets).

Pro tip: The Kiosk app can only be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, and not a computer. To use the links above to download the app be sure to open them on the device (smartphone or tablet) you wish to download the app on - opening the links on the computer will result in an error message.

Setting up the app on your company account

After downloading the Kiosk App from the AppStore, a system admin will need to set it up for the first time.

The setup process works just as in the main Connecteam app - the admin clicks on the "Login" button, enters their mobile phone number, and then enters the code they'll receive through a text message.

That's it! The Kiosk App is now ready to use by the company's employees.

How to log in to the Kiosk App

Once the Kiosk App is set up, it's time for your employees to access it. This can be done by entering their Kiosk PIN Code.

The Kiosk Pin Code is personal and private, and can be found by each user in the main Connecteam app under the Profile tab > Settings > Kiosk PIN Code.

Below is an example of how the pin looks for our user Michael in his profile. His pin is 9304

Now let's take a look at the user's log-in process from start to finish in the example below. Notice that after logging in the user has access to all the features assigned to him such as the time clock, job schedule, forms, etc.

Switching users: The quick log out button

Since all your user will be logging into the Kiosk App it is important that the process of allowing users to switch accounts is quick and easy. For this reason, the Kiosk App has a dedicated logout button that hovers over the entire app. It's visible and within reach on one hand, but discreet enough on the other, so it doesn't affect the user experience.

In the example below you can see how this looks.

Kiosk Settings and Security

Here at Connecteam, we want to ensure that you can keep your account as secure as possible. One risk of using the Kiosk is that users might share their code with each other and then clock each other in. For this reason, we have created the ability for you as an admin to require their users to take a Selfie when logging in. This ensures if a user clocks in on behalf of somebody else you will know about it. Let's go over how to set this up and how it looks from both the admin and user's side below.

Setting up the Kiosk Selfie Security

To set this up navigate to your General Settings, which can be found in the top right corner, then to the Security Tab, and make that the “Users must take a selfie when logging in” is checked.

How the selfie looks for users when logging in?

For users after putting in their code a camera will pop up, only after taking the selfie will they be able to press continue and complete the login process

Take a look at how this looks below

Where are Admins able to see their User's login selfie?

Admins are able to see the result of this by going to the user's tab, to the relevant user's profile to their activity tab, and clicking on the camera icon next to the User who logged in. Take a look at how this looks below

Frequently Asked Kiosk Questions

Can I change my user's pin to be a pin they create on their own?

For maximum security, the kiosk pin is automatically populated and unique to each user and therefore the kiosk pin code cannot be changed.

What happens if the employee doesn't own a smartphone or never accessed the main Connecteam app?

We have an easy solution just for that! At the bottom of the Kiosk log-in page, there's the "Forgot your code or never got one" button. Once clicked, the user will be asked to enter their mobile phone number in order to receive their permanent Kiosk PIN Code over a text message.

Pro tip: The Kiosk PIN Code will only be sent to the user's phone number as appears in the admin dashboard. This means that the users must be added to the dashboard first in order to access the Kiosk App. To learn more about adding users to your account check this article.

Who can set up the kiosk app?

Only Admin or Owner in the platform has the ability to set up a Kiosk App.

How do I set it up so users can only clock in via the Kiosk App and nothing else?

Great Question! To set this up, you were to go your time clock settings to the Customize tab and then make sure only the “Users can clock in and out from the Kiosk time clock” option is toggled on.

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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