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How to Clock in From the Kiosk App Only
How to Clock in From the Kiosk App Only

Disable clocking in on the mobile app for your users

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If you want your users to all clock in from one device that you set up in your business such as your store or in any case you don't want your employees using their phones at work. Users can clock in and out only from the Kiosk app but can use their mobile app for anything else. In this article, we will go over how to set up the time clock settings so that your employees will be able to clock in from the Kiosk App only.

How to set up the Kiosk App from the Time Clock settings:

  1. Enter the Time clock from the sidebar

  2. Click on the settings from the top right

  3. Go to "Customize" and under "Decide how users can track their work time" enable only the "Users can clock in and out from the Kiosk time clock"

  4. Enable "Users can manually request shift/break records to their timesheets" if you want your employees to have the ability to add time clock requests.

Gif of how to allow kiosk only clock-in with connecteam

In the example below we can see the time clock settings to set up in order to enable the Kiosk app to clock in and disable the option to clock in from the mobile app or the dashboard.

Connecteam's time clock customize settings for kiosk only clock in

Pro Tip: With these settings, clock in and out switches are ON for the Kiosk only, Users can still add time clock requests, and Users can use all the other features of the app from their mobile app. You can see how this looks in the example above on the right.

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