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Set your settings decide who can create or send recognitions

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Here at Connecteam, we understand that not all managers or admins are granted the ability to create or send Recognitions to users. Perhaps only direct managers should be able to send recognitions while others are only allowed to view the recognitions that have been sent. Our Recognition Permission capability allows you to fully customize who can create, edit, send, or see recognitions.

In this article we will go over:

Now let's go over this capability!

Where are the Recognition Permissions Found?

To find the recognition permission simply navigate to the recognition feature on the left left sidebar, once inside enter the options tab, and select settings and you’ll automatically be brought to the recognition permissions.

What are the Different Permissions?

Now that you know where to find the permissions let's go over each one.

The different permissions are:

  • Send/Edit Recognitions - allows admins to send recognitions to users and to edit existing recognitions

  • Create Badges - this option allows admins to create new badges, but not to edit existing ones or to send/edit recognitions.

  • Edit/Delete Badges - allows admins to edit and delete badges but doesn't allow them to create new badges, or to send/edit recognitions.

  • View Only - allows admins only to view sent recognitions.

How Do I Set an Admin's Permissions?

To set an admins permissions navigate to the recognition permission settings as done above, then select from the drop down the recognition permissions and select the relevant permission. If you select no permissions then the default is view only.

Take a look at how this looks below ever I assign the admin Ryan Hunt the permission to send/edit recognitions.

Pro Tip: You can select more than one permission. For example, you can allow somebody to create, edit/delete badges, but not to send/edit recognitions.


In this article we went over where the recognition permissions can be found . We also went over the different permissions: Send/Edit Recognitions, Create Badges, Edit/Delete Badges and view only and how these permissions can be set.

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