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Sending Recognitions from the Admin's Tab
Sending Recognitions from the Admin's Tab

Learn how to create and managed recognitions on the app

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The Recognitions feature is a great way to recognize your employee's accomplishments, celebrate wins, promote company values, and much more! If you stepped away from your office and need to complete some chores on the go, we got you covered. From now on, you can create and manage Recognitions on the go from the Admin Tab on the mobile app.

In this article we will go over:

How to access the Recognitions from the Admin Tab

To access the Recognition from the mobile, access the app and click on the "Admin Tab" on the bottom right. next, scroll down to "active assets" and click on "Recognitions".

Pro Tip: To learn more about the Admin Tab, click here.

How to Create a Recognition From the Admin Tab

  1. To create Recognition on the app, access the recognitions feature from the admin tab, and click on "send recognition".

  2. Next, select the users you wish to include in the recognition, here you can choose if the recognition will be visible to the recipients of the recognition or, select viewers.

  3. Next, choose a badge from the various categories available, here you can click on "Preview" to see what it would look like from the recipient's point of view.

  4. You can add a comment, a photo, or a GIF. Once done, you are good to go, and click send to make your employee's day shine.

How to Edit and Delete a Sent Recognition

If you wish to edit a recognition that you sent, you don't need to wait to login into your dashboard, you can just edit it on the go, here's how:

  1. To edit or delete a recognition, access the recognition history, select the relevant recognition, click on the 3 dots and choose to edit or delete the recognition.

  2. To edit, simply click on "edit", select the new users (the original users will remain selected unless you deselect them), choose a badge, and send it to your employees.

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