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Use the Recognitions feature to recognize employees accomplishments.

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In business retaining your employees is crucial. Employee turnover costs a company both time and money. Research shows that companies that engage positively with their employees and recognize employee accomplishments have lower turnover rates. For this reason, we created our Recognitions feature letting you recognize your employee's accomplishments, celebrate wins, promote company values, and much more!

In this article we will go over:

How to Activate the Recognitions Feature

The first step to empowering your workforce is to activate the recognition feature. Navigate to the left sidebar, select recognitions, and press activate. It's as simple as that.

How to Send a Recognition Step-by-Step

Sending a recognition is super easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Recognition Feature

  2. Select the Send Recognition button on the top right corner

  3. Select the user or users you would like to recognize

  4. Then select the badge and write a personal message.

  5. Press send. Viola! You just recognized your employee

How to Create a Custom Badge

While we offer you tons of badges to choose from, we also know that sometimes you may want to create a custom badge that better fits your company's needs. To create a custom badge simply enter the Badge Library, select Create a badge, pick your icon, name your badge, and choose the topic. In the example below you can see I created an Amazing Surgery Award for my Hospital.

Common Use Cases for Employee Recognition

Now that you've got the basics of how to send recognitions and create a custom badge, let's go over a few use cases of how recognition can be used in your company.

An Employee of the Month

This option can be used to recognize employees who go above and beyond each month and is a great way to boost morale by regularly awarding this badge to a deserving employee each month. Awarding this badge gives your users a healthy dose of competition that will only incentivize them to work a little harder.

1 Year at the Company

If you have one year at the company that celebrates those who stay with them, then this Badge is for you. Recognize your employee's milestones letting them know how much you appreciate them and how valuable their role is.

Best Customer Satisfaction Score

Everyone knows that sometimes working with clients is challenging. It’s nice to know that the customers appreciate you and that you satisfied their needs. Letting your employees know will boost their confidence!


In this article, we went over the importance of recognizing your employees. We learned how to activate the Recognitions feature, how to send Recognitions, and how to create badges. Now that you know the basics and more - start recognizing your employees!

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