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Use the Switch Jobs capability to avoid multiple clock ins.

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If you are a company whose employees work multiple jobs in a day, then the switch jobs are for you! Perhaps you are a company whose jobs are clients and your employees travel from client to client. Rather than having users clock in and out multiple times a day simply have them switch jobs, and they can smoothly move from one job to the next in less steps.

This article will go over

How Do I Set Up the Switch Jobs Capability?

The beauty of the switch jobs feature is that you don’t need to set it up, it is automatically a part of the time clock and users will always be able to switch jobs without you the admin needing to enable it.

How Does Switching Jobs Look for the User?

After clocking in for the first time users will see a switch job button at the bottom right of their screen, they can select the switch job button and select the job they want to switch into.

GIF of switching jobs capability in Connecteam's Time Clocks feature on the mobile app

How Do the Timesheets Look When a Job is Switched?

When the job is switched the timesheets look as they normally do when users clock in and out. Each job is displayed as a line in the users timesheet. Take a look at how this looks below.

Screenshot of user's timesheets with job switch in Connecteam's Time Clock feature on the admin dashboard

Switch Jobs Frequently Asked Questions

How does the switch jobs work with our Geofences?

Only jobs connected to the user's current geofence or jobs without a geofence will appear for the user to switch into.

Is the employee's Geolocation captured each time a user switches jobs?

Yes, the user's geolocation is captured each time the user switches jobs. This can be seen in today's tab and timesheets.

Will users still be able to fill out required shift attachments when switching jobs?

Yes, if a shift attachment is set as required, then before switching jobs users will still be required to fill it out.

What if a user forgot to switch jobs?

If a user forgot to switch a job, then they can always clock out and then edit the hours of the current shift, and then submit a shift request for the job they forgot to switch into. These requests will be sent to the admin for approval.

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