What if a User Forgot to Switch Jobs?
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First and foremost, there is nothing to worry about! If a user forgets to switch jobs they can always edit their shift hours!

In this article we will go over the two different situations where the user might have forgotten to switch jobs, and what is the right solution he should perform.

Before we dive into the situations, let's understand the value of this amazing capability, "Switch jobs" and why it makes life easier for the user - one click to switch the job, rather than clocking in and clocking out.

If your company requires employees to engage in multiple jobs throughout the day, then the "Switch Jobs" capability is tailored to your needs! This is particularly useful if your company's jobs involve serving clients, jumping between projects, visiting sites, and so on. Instead of having employees clock in and out multiple times during the day, you can streamline the process by having them switch jobs in a few simple clicks.

Situation 1: The employee clocked into Job A and forgot to switch to Job B.

Let's take a look at an example to better understand exactly what situation the employee is in. Let's say the employee works at a restaurant as a bartender and also as a waitress. They began their shift as a bartender but then continued as a waitress. The employee clocked in when I arrived as "Bartender" and was supposed to switch jobs to "Waitress" at some point though, after a while as a waitress they realized that they forgot to switch jobs and are still clocked in as a bartender. Now let's troubleshoot!

What the user can do: Since the employee is already and still clocked in, they can simply switch jobs and edit the hours of the previous job (in this case bartender).

To do so they should access the Time Clock feature, enter the relevant Time Clock (if there are multiple), and click on "Switch Job". By doing this, he will be clocked out of his current job and will be immediately clocked into the new job, which is Waitress. He will then have the option to edit the hours of the first job (Bartender) to match the hours he actually worked. Later on, when clocking out from the second job (Waitress) they can also adjust the start to match the time they began working at that job.

Keep in mind that if in the customized tab of the time clock settings, the admin/owner has toggled on that admin approval is required "when users edit or delete shifts/breaks from their timesheets" then these requests will be sent for admin approval. To learn more about the time clock customization options click here.

Situation 2: The employee is working more than one job during the day and forgot to clock into their first job.

Let's take a look at an example to better understand exactly what situation the employee is in. Let's say that the employee works as a cleaner, and visits 2 clients a day, let's call them client A and client B, and cleans their houses. When the employees arrived at client B's house they clocked in to start cleaning and realized they completely forgot to clock in to client A, where I worked for 4 hours in the morning just before. In this case, the employee obviously does not have the option to "Switch Jobs" from Client A to Client B. Now let's troubleshoot!

What the user can do: They can submit a new shift request for the job they forgot to clock into, in this example client A. Simply access the Time Clock feature and click on "My Requests". Then click "+ Add a new request", and choose "Add a shift request".

This request will be sent to admins for approval and eventually will be added to the employee's timesheet.

Keep in mind that submitting a shift request is available for users only if their admins enable "Users can manually request shift/break records to their timesheets" under the Customize settings of the Time Clock feature. If the admin has also set "When users add shifts/breaks manually" as an action that requires the admin's approval, the shift request will pend for approval and only when it is approved - the shift will appear on the user's timesheet. If the settings mentioned above are toggled off - the admin can always add the shift for the users and the shift will appear immediately on their timesheets. To learn more about the customize settings click here.

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