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Documents: How to Use Expiration Dates
Documents: How to Use Expiration Dates

Use the expiration dates to always keep your documents up to date

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The documents feature lets you keep all the documents related to your users in one place. The expiration date capability allows you to keep track of when these documents need to be renewed. These dates can be specific to a document, or according to a user's entry. Now let's dive deep into this awesome capability.

In this article we will go over:

Where is the Expiration Date Capability Found

Expiration dates are found inside the setting of an individual document. They are specific to that document. To access these enter the Document feature, go to the document settings in the top right corner, and navigate to a specific document's settings.

At the bottom, you will see the option to set an expiration date. You can check this off to enable it.

After enabling the expiration date it's time to decide which kind of date you want to set the options are either per a document or per an entry. Below we will go over both options.

Expiration Dates Per a Document Type

This option sets the expiration date to be per a document, meaning that regardless of when a user uploaded a document. Once the expiration date arrives all documents uploaded will need to be uploaded again.

In this capability you also have the ability to set the frequency at which documents expire. These are every two weeks, every month, and yearly.

In the example below you can see that I set the expire date of my document to be July 9th, 2022 and to expire on a early basis

Expiration Dates Per an Entry

expiration dates per an entry are dates that are septic to a submission. These are not set by you (the admin) they are set by the user or admin when uploading the document. This option could be great for example, if you have users uploading documents that expire on different dates, such as a driver's license.

Let's take a look at how using these options looks from the user’s perspective. In the example below you can see that when uploading my license, I have to set an expiration date.

How Expiration dates look in the Admin Dashboard

Now that you have gotten the basics down, and set your document's expiration date, let's see how this looks in the admin dashboard.

If you set your expiration date to be per a document: Then within one week of the expiration date set you will see a countdown at the top of the document panel. Take a look at how this looks below

Once the document expires next to each user's document you will see that it has expired. If the user then uploads their document then the expired status will disappear.

Pro tips: Users should not upload a new document before the expiration date, because the date is per a document, not per a user and the expiration date will still apply to the new document.

If you set your expiration date to be per an entry: Then within one week of the expiration date set by the user, you will see a countdown next to the user's document itself.

From inside the document you can remind users to resubmit the document. Take a look at how this looks below

Documents Expiration- Date Reminders

Users will receive reminders for their documents prior to their expiration date.

The reminders will arrive automatically on the relevant user's phone 30, 7, and 1 day before the expiration date, and also on the day that the document is expired.

The reminders are set automatically when the admin set an expiration date for a document

If the expiration type is per document - all the users assigned to a pack containing this document will get the notifications.

If the expiration type is per entry - only the relevant users will get the notifications, according to their entry expiration date.

When the user will click on the notification, they will be sent to their document entry, with the ability to re-upload a new document.


In this article, we went over Connecteam's Expiration Dates capability within the document feature. We went over where to find the capability within the feature. The two types of expiration dates per document, and per entry as well as how these look from the admin perspective.

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