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What are courses and why do you need them?

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Courses are an easy way to create and deliver a digital type of training or process for your team which can be performed from anywhere and at any time. When using Connecteam's courses feature, there is no need to gather teams. You can deliver any type of training for your teams to complete from anywhere directly from their mobile phone or computer, with no logistics involved!

The courses feature is incredibly flexible and can be used for onboarding new employees, safety training, procedures, and any other needs you can think of. The options are endless!

In this article we will go over

How to activate the Courses Feature and Create a Course

To create a course, navigate to the + Add a Feature button on the left sidebar and add the courses category. Press activate and name the course. In the example below you can see I created a courses category called “Onboarding.”

After creating a course, you will need to add sections and objects inside those sections. The purpose of sections is to divide your course into categories. If your course contains different topics such as menu, responsibilities, or customer service, then using sections will separate these topics into categories and keep information organized.

Pro tip: After creating the first course, you can always create new courses inside the courses category by using the add new button.

What Type of Objects Can I Include in a Course.

Objects are the material you will include in your course. For example these can be documents, videos, quizzes, forms and much more! Take a look below at all the options for objects connecteam offers when creating a course.

To add an object simply select the + add object button and select the object type. Then take the relevant steps to finish adding the object. In the example below you can see I added a text object and a welcome message to anyone beginning the onboarding course.

To learn more about creating a full course from start to finish, step by step, take a look at this article.

Pro tip: A lot of creating a course is planning. Before going to designing your course in connecteam, we recommend thinking about the types of material you want to include. Note that you can also always save your courses in draft mode and only publish it when it's completely ready!

Courses Grouping

After creating a course, you will be able to create segments and courses within segments. This allows you to group courses into different categories. For example, if you have a restaurant, you could create a segment for Waiters and for Managers and inside these segments you can create and group courses relevant to each group. To add a segment simply click on the + Add Segment button. In the example below you can see that that I have created two segments one for managers and another for waitresses with different courses in each segment.


In this article we gave you an introduction to the courses feature, we discussed the benefits of using a digital onboarding both for managers and employees. We went over how to activate the courses feature, how to add a course, how to divide it into sections, what type of objects can be added to a course, and how to add them. Below is a list of resources which can help you get started building your next Course!

Additional Courses Resources

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