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Courses: Monitor Your Employees' Progress
Courses: Monitor Your Employees' Progress

Learn to use the Overall Courses Statistics Tab to keep track of your user's progress

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So, you created a Course and assigned it to your users, that's great! Now you want to know how you can monitor your user's progress while they are completing the Course? Well, we have a dedicated tab for that and then some extra views which give you all the information to monitor each and every user throughout the course.

This article will go over:

Now let's take a look at these below

Where Do I Find the Overall Course Statistics Tab

The Overall Course Statistics Tab lets you gather all the information regarding who started the course, who finished it, and who is in progress. To get to this tab navigate to your Courses Feature and ever the relevant course, automatically you will be brought to the overall courses Statistics Tab.

Take a look at how this looks below

What Can I See in the Overall Courses Statistics Tab?

Once inside the tab, you are immediately presented with an overview of the number of users who have completed the course, the number of users in progress, and the number of users who have not started.

By scrolling down you can select either the table or the progress views which gives you more insights. Let's discuss these below!

The Table View

The table gives you an overview of every user's course status, completed, in progress, and not started. You can even see the last time they viewed the course.

You can easily change the users' status by clicking on the status and changing it. This is useful if you're coming to Connecteam from an external system where some of your employees have already completed the course or are in progress and this needs to be reflected in Connecteam. Alternatively, for training done in a classroom setting - this is a quick and efficient way to mark all employees as having completed the training. Keep in mind that all owners and admins with permissions to the Course can change statuses.

💡 Tip: You can also export the table view by clicking on the export button right-hand corner.

The Progress View

To switch to the progress view simply switch the view to view my progress.

The Progress View gives you an in-depth breakdown of which Sections and Parts of the course the users have completed, as well as all percentages of the course the user has finished. Complete parts are marked by a green checkmark, in progress parts are marked by a yellow clock icon progress, and those not stated by a red X.

Take a look at how this looks below.

Pro tip: You can expand or minimize the view to see either the symbols or the words completed, in progress, or not started. Take a look at how this looks below.

Course Statistics Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I monitor progress within each section of the course?

Yes, you can. Within each section of the course, you are able to access the table and progress views.

In the example below you can see I have entered by Checklist object, in the Human Resources section of the course and I can still access the table and progress views by scrolling down. In this case, the table view will give me information regarding the progress of this specific section, meaning if the user completed, did not start, or is in progress on the Menu part of the course.

I have a Quiz inside my course and a lot of my users are not passing it, is there a way to get more insights on the individual questions?

Yes, there is! Inside the Quiz part, you will be able to see the select the View Insights button and get a breakdown of how each question.

Take a look at how this looks below!

You can see the Question Insights below

If I noticed my users haven’t started the course can I remind them to start?

Yes, you can! From the overall statistics tab you can filter to or status is not started yet, you can then select the users and use the action button to send them either a push notification or a chat message asking them to start the course.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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