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How to use due dates and object timing to structure your course.

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Courses are an easy way to create and deliver a digital type of training or process for your team to be able to perform from anywhere and at any time. These can be onboarding new employees, training for new positions and any other needs you can think of. The Courses settings enable you to create due dates for your courses as well as set object time create an specific order for the course

In this article we will go over

Where to Find the Courses Settings

To find the courses settings navigate to the courses feature on the left side bar, then enter the relevant course. Next, click on the settings tab in the top right hand corner. Take a look at how this looks below.

How to Set Due Dates for a Course

In the settings tab there are two tabs General Tab and Object Timing. To set a due date we will enter the General Tab. Once inside simply set the desired due date. Take a look at how this looks below.

Object Timing

Object timing allows you to set the order and timing of the course objects. To find the object timing settings enter the settings as done above and enter the object timing tab. Here there are two types of object timing which can be set below. Hierarchy and One Date. Below we will go over each of these.


Hierarchy lets you decide the order that your objects or sections will appear in. The options are either None or After Previous.

This can be used for example, if you have a quiz and you do not want users to take the quiz before completing all the required material. Simply set the hierarchy for the quiz object to be after previous. Take a look at how this looks below.

On Date

Like Hierarchy the on date allows you to decide when an object or section will be available to users. Simply select the date, and the object won’t appear to users until that date arrives. This is a great option for example, if you have a longer course that has a different topic each week or objects you would like users to have access to only on a specific date. Simply set the on date of the sections and objects to the desired date and that's it! Your course is ready to go.

Below you can see an example of how this looks, notice that four sections are set to the first Monday of each consecutive week and objects within those sections are also set to specific dates.


In this article we went over how to set the settings of a course. We went over how to set a due date and we learned about object timing. We discussed the two object timing setting hierarchy and on date and saw examples of how these look. Next step is to build your course, or set the settings of an existing course!

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