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How to Set Due Dates for a Course

Learn how to set your course due date. Make it clear to employees when the course is due without and unnecessary communication.

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Courses are an easy way to create and deliver any type of training for your teams to complete in a digital format that can be completed from anywhere at any time. Employees can complete a course directly from the mobile app or desktop, without extra logistics.

Regardless of the training your employees are completing you can set a due date for the course. This makes it clear to both employees and management when the course is without the need for any back-and-forth communication. In this article, we will go over, how to export your employees' progress, and some follow-up actions you can take.

How to Set or Change the Due Dates For a Course

You can set the due dates for a course when creating the course and you reach the settings page. If you did publish the course, however, you can still set or change the due dates by following these steps:

  1. Enter the Courses feature and select the relevant course.

  2. Click on the Settings Tab

  3. Select the Course due date option, and set the desired date and time the course is due.

  4. Save Changes.

Note that when the due date arrives the course will remain in the app, but users will no longer be able to access it.

Getting a List of Employee's Progress

On the overview page of the course, you can always gain a table or progress view of how your employees are doing throughout the course. As the due date arrives you might consider exporting this material for record keeping. To do so simply, customize the view and click export.

Follow Up Actions

If the due date is approaching and you have employees who have yet to complete the course you can easily follow up with them in a variety of ways such as creating a task for them, sending a notification, or starting a team or individual chat.

From the overview page of the course, select the relevant employees and using the actions tab choose the follow-up action you'd like to use.

Note that if the due date has already passed employees will be blocked from accessing the course. In this case, you should extend the due date by changing it, as done above before following up with employees.

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