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Keep Track of Events from the Admin's Tab
Keep Track of Events from the Admin's Tab

Keep track of all your company's events from your mobile app.

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Here at Connecteam, we understand the importance of managing your business on the go. This is why we created the Admins’ Tab on the mobile app. Now you can manage your team and stay updated from anywhere!

The Events feature allows you to easily create events for special occasions like a conference, birthdays, and more. It can also be used for day-to-day events such as team meetings, company happy hours, etc. The events feature will help you ensure every event is a success!

Not familiar with our Events feature? Check out our Create and Manage Company Events article.

You can easily keep track of all your events straight from your mobile app, view all your upcoming events, and stay up to date with who is attending.

In this article we will cover:

How to Access Events from the Admin Tab

Navigate to your Admin's tab on the mobile app which is located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Then Scroll down and click on Events.

Here you can view all of the events in a minimized format, by clicking the two arrows in the top right corner. You can expand the events by clicking the same two arrows again. This way, you will be able to see who is attending and who isn't.

You can search for any event using the search bar at the top of the screen.

How to View and Add Comments on Events

To Easily view all of your users' comments on any of the events, click on the event, then click on View all comments. Here, you can write a comment for everyone to see.

You can also add a GIF/photo/location/file by clicking on the paper clip icon to the right of the comment box.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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