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How to manage scheduling from the mobile app?

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Although the scheduling feature packs plenty of different capabilities that should be set on your dashboard, we added some important actions that would be available for you on the go, so you can manage employee schedules anywhere you are when you are away from your dashboard, directly from your mobile app's admin tab!

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In this article we will go over:

How to access the schedule as an admin from the mobile app:

On your app, go to the Admin tab. Next, on the 'Active Assets' list, choose your scheduling asset (may differ by name per company). If you have multiple schedules, you will be directed to a list of all active schedules.

Note: If you do not see a schedule in the list of active assets, it's because you do not have admin permissions to a schedule.

How to view shifts and jobs

When you first access the schedule, you'll see this week's agenda. On the scheduled agenda, you can see all assigned shifts and jobs, all unavailabilities per day, badges for shift statuses, open shifts, and drafts:

Press on a shift for more details and edit options. Here, you can change users' statuses by pressing on the status and choosing a new one from a list. Learn how to set up shift statuses in this article.

Scroll down the schedule to view future shifts. To change the dates, simply pull down the dates viewer which is located at the top of the schedule.

To view the schedule's activity, press on the Activity tab at the bottom left corner of the screen.

How to add a new shift

  1. To add a new shift, click on the blue + sign at the bottom right of the screen. You can also add a shift for a day with no shifts by clicking on the 'add shift' button on the desired day.

  2. When adding a new shift, you'll have the ability to select from your job's list, add a shift title if needed, add a location, and add notes.

  3. Click on 'Select users' to select one or more users from a list, or allow users to claim the shift.

  4. To allow users to claim a shift, click on the toggle next to it and click on the number box below to edit the number of open spots to claim.

  5. To publish a shift, it must have a shift title or a selected job, and assigned users or enabled for claim.

Screenshots of adding a shift to Connecteam's Job Scheduler in the mobile app

How to publish shifts

  1. You can publish a shift as you add it by clicking on the "publish" button.

  2. If you wish to publish multiple shifts, you can click on the "publish" button which appears on the shifts' list agenda.

  3. Once clicked, you'll have the option to publish today's shifts, this week's shifts, this month's shifts, or select custom dates.

  4. Before multiple shifts are published, you'll receive a summary so you can make sure you publish the right amount of shifts.

How to edit existing shifts

To edit an existing shift, simply select the shift, and click on Edit shift on the lower part of the screen.

Here, you can make all the necessary adjustments, whether it is to change the hours, edit the users assigned to the shift, and more. You can also delete an existing shift by clicking on the trash can icon on the bottom left side of the screen.

Screenshot of editing shift details on Connecteam's Job Scheduler on the mobile app

How to manage requests

From your mobile app, you can also manage all the requests for claiming shifts and for shift replacements, so you can approve or decline requests while you're on the go. Press on the Requests tab to see all requests. In the 'Shift claims' tab you'll find all claims to open shifts that are pending admin approval and in the 'Replacements' tab you'll find all shift replacement requests that are pending admin approval.

Have a look at how the approval/rejection process works:

How to add and edit jobs

To add a new job to the schedule, press on the Jobs tab at the bottom of the schedule.

Click on Add job.

Here you can add the job title, qualify the relevant users for the job, add a location and a description.

Important: Any jobs that are added or edited will be changed across the whole platform, including in all Time Clocks and Job Schedulers. Learn more about managing your jobs here.

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