How to reorganize assets in a category

Change order of assets in a side bar category

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Would you like to customize the way your account is set up? Would you like to rearrange the order of things? On the connecteam platform you can easily change the order of appearance by dragging and dropping assets as you see fit.

Every asset, under a category has the ability to drag, drop and be rearranged on your dashboard and viewed in your app. For example: If you created multiple forms and only now realized they are not in the order you need them to be, they can easily be rearranged.

Here's a step by step guide of how to rearrange your platform via the Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the relevant category on your side bar.

  2. Once you enter the selected category, a list of Assets will appear.

3. Click the "Mobile Preview" button at the top right.

4. Under "Mobile Preview" You will see the list of Assets, and next to each asset there will be a dotted drag box.

5. To drag and drop the assets order, hover over the dotted section until a cross arrow appears, now drag your Asset and adjust the order as necessary:

You're all set! Your Assets have been reorganized both on the dashboard and on the mobile app.

Pro Tip: It is best if you close and reopen the app for it to show the new updated order of assets.

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