If you have a shift that you’d like to find a replacement for, you can easily do this from inside the schedule. In this article, we will show you how to do this from your mobile app!

How to Request a Shift Replacement from the Mobile App Step by Step

1. Access the company’s app. Click here to learn how.

2.Click the Job Schedule feature and select your Job Schedule

3.Select the relevant shift, and click on Find replacement to the right of the screen

Pro tip: If you do not see the Find replacement option, it means your admin disabled this capability.

4. Choose any user from the list (you can choose more than one user) and click Done.

5. Once the request has been approved by one of the users, you will receive a notification that the user accepted the shift replacement request.

6. You can view all of your shift replacement requests ( both received and sent by you) by clicking on replacements at the lower right corner of the job schedule screen.

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