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Adding Users to The App: Which Invite Method Should I Send & When?
Adding Users to The App: Which Invite Method Should I Send & When?
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When you are adding users to the platform, there are a few ways you can them to join the app. These options are inviting them to download the app and using the get invite link. Let's go over the differences below:

Invite Them to Download the App

This option is the one to go with as long you know all your employees' necessary information to add them to the app.

If your app is set up and you want them to join and start using it immediately, then you can invite the employee when adding them to the app manually by making sure the 'Send an Invite' option is checked.

💡Tip: If your app is not ready to use, you can delay the invite but still add your employees. This can be done by unselecting the 'Send an invite' option when adding your employees as seen below. The employee will be added but won't receive an invite to download the app. When you are ready to begin using the app you can invite the already added employees from the Users Tab by Clicking on the 'Users who didn't log in button" or from the Overview Page. To learn more about that click here.

Invite The Do Join the App By Creating an Invite Link

This is a great option if you have a new employee and are missing or don't know the information needed to add them to the app. By creating an invite link you can send them the invite link and they can fill out the details that you have added to the invitation.

​Note that once they have completed the invite link you will have to approve their request for them to be added to the app. This can be done either through the Users page or the Overview Page. To learn more about approving requests to join the app click here.

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