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Learn how to create a series of recurring tasks, for everything that needs to happen on a repeating basis

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Our quick task is a simple and intuitive feature that will allow you to assign tasks to specific users at any time from anywhere. Using this feature, not only will you be able to create tasks with ease, but you will also be able to rest assured that at any point in time you’ll have full transparency into seeing your team's execution.
Do you have tasks that reoccur? we have just the solution for you. Using our recurring task option will do the job!

If you are not familiar with our Quick Tasks feature, check out our Quick Tasks: Get Started article.

This article will go over:

How to create reoccurring tasks

You can create a series of tasks to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, and decide when to end the series of those tasks.

In the shift creation window, just choose the task frequency as "Recurring":

Screenshot of recurring task button on Connecteam's Quick Tasks admin dashboard
Screenshot of recurring task feature on Connecteam's Quick Tasks admin dashboard

Choose the "Start date" of the series and whether it should repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, and at what time it should start.

Then choose when the series should end - On a specific date, or after a number of tasks occurrence.

You can also choose to be notified when the start time of each task in the series arrives, and choose the due time for the tasks in the series.

Screenshot of notification option when this task recurrence starts on Connecteam's Quick Tasks feature on the admin dashboard

What do Recurring Tasks Look Like on my Admin Dashboard:

Recurring tasks will show up on your admin dashboard with a repeat icon:

Screenshot of repeat icon on Connecteam's Quick Tasks feature on the admin dashboard

Please note: Recurring task is available from the Advanced Plan and above.

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