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If you are looking to easily manage your team within a single platform, then our Advanced Operations Hub is the right choice for you! To begin, the Operations Hub consists of the following features:

  • Time Clock

  • Job Scheduler

  • Forms

  • Quick Tasks

The Advanced Plan opens up a lot of capabilities that help you manage your business at scale, which makes it an absolute time-saver when running your team with minimum effort and maximum results.

Time Clock

Multiple Time Clocks: Create up to 3 separate time clocks to manage each team and department according to their work specification.

Advanced filters: Always get the most relevant view by filtering out the information you need the most! You will be able to see who are the users who are scheduled for a shift, who haven't clocked in, and many more!

Geofence: Create up to 10 Geo-fenced sites to make sure your employees clock in and out only on the job site. Essentially, you can create a geographic "fence" around a site or an address, and have it associated with a job. Unless your employees are on the site - they will not get an option to clock in!

Customize: Choose the way for your employees to track time according to meet your organizational needs! By toggling different switches on or off, you can Customize the Time Clock's interface and functionality, so it's easy to use and intuitive for your users with any setup you choose.

Shift Attachments: Add unlimited Shift Attachments to improve data collection from your employees! Shift attachments are additional pieces of information that users are asked to add to their shift time. These could be the equipment that was used, mileage covered, who was the manager on the work-site, image and file uploads, and more!

You can add up to 2 shift attachments to each clock!

Set your payroll period and automated reminders: Easily define your Payroll cycle, which will be adjusted accordingly on your dashboard, and set up automated reminders for your employees to go over their timesheets and for managers to approve any pending changes that employees have requested.

Auto breaks: Automatically deduct X amount of minutes after a certain amount of hours worked by enabling the Auto-breaks. Once activated, unpaid break time will be deducted from the daily total hours for each employee according to your time clock breaks settings.

Job Scheduler

Multiple Schedules: Create up to 3 separate schedules to manage each team and department according to their work specification.

Templates: Create Shift, Daily, and, Weekly templates to simplify your scheduling processes and let the system do the work. Create your schedule once, and use the templates to easily populate it with one click

Quick Actions: Looking to cut your dispatching time in half? Use the Quick Actions to easily duplicate, unassign, and publish your shifts, and this is just the beginning!

Action Button: Use the action button to easily populate your schedule over and over again and perform bulk actions for the entire team. Copy the previous week or month, clear the entire week, export all the data and load your weekly templates with just one click.

Multi-select shifts: We all know that changes to your schedule are frequent and happen all the time. We also know that manually editing each shift can be cumbersome and tedious. For that reason, we have created easy-to-use Multiple Shift Selection capabilities, that will allow you to edit multiple shifts at once from directly inside the schedule! You can select up to 5 shifts at once!

Work Preferences: Understanding which one of your employees is available to work is one of the most crucial parts of dispatching. Now, you can enable the Work Preferences in the schedule that will allow your employees to easily report when they are not available or prefer to work.


Required fields: Mark fields as required to ensure your employees do not submit forms without the necessary answers.

Bulk Actions: With Bulk Form Actions, you can now easily download Form entries as multiple or single PDFs, download the Form-related attachments, or delete multiple Form entries at once!

Automated Reminders: Set up daily, weekly, and monthly Reminders to ensure your employees never forget to submit a form.

Manager Fields: Perfect the internal communication processes in your company by creating Manager Fields - create an approval process with the status field, digitally confirm and sign entries, use the person field to tag the relevant stakeholders, and many more! You can add one type of each Manager Field column!

Templates: No need to keep on creating similar Forms from scratch as with the expert plan you can create up to 3 customized Form templates saving you are your team lodes of time and effort!

Quick Tasks

Mobile Permissions: Decide who can create tasks by enabling Mobile Permissions - you are now able to decide who should be able to create and assign tasks to others through the mobile application.

The "All tasks" tab: Give the relevant managers access to the company's entire task list making it easier for them to get an overview of the progress.

Overdue Tasks: Manage all your Overdue Tasks in one tab! Adjust the dates to allow for more time and easily generate single and bulk reminders for all the tasks that need to be completed.

Recurring Task: Enable the Recurring Tasks option to automatically populate repetitive tasks across your dashboard. You can create a series of tasks to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly, and decide when to end the series of those tasks.

Sub-tasks: Break down your bigger tasks into smaller sub-tasks to divide the workload between your employees and make it easier for them to complete the task to your satisfaction. You can create up to 5 sub-tasks for each task!

Duplicate and Archive tasks: Duplicate your one-off tasks to save yourself the manual work. Easily archive tasks that are no longer relevant to save the data for future use.

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